The Most Valuable Currency

Chew on this for a moment…

Ponder this for a second.

No need to write a lot tonight because the above quote pretty much says it all. Yes, it is from last year’s Life’s Little Instructions Calendar but it is as relevant today as it was 15 years ago and will still carry the same weight 15 years from now.

As we start to think about Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it is important to keep in mind what true wealth is. In an age where our culture and those around us might measure richness by material objects, we must remember that the greatest thing given to us is love––both in the capacity to give and to receive.

So I ask that throughout the rest of 2019 to be especially mindful of those people who love you. Appreciate them and thank them, because the currency they transfer to you is much more valuable than the American Dollar.

But don’t keep all that love in the bank. Make sure to give it and express it to those around you. In much the same way that we can easily accept monetary gifts while neglecting to give back, the same goes for love.

Remember, if you love and are loved, you are richer than most. Don’t Blink.

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