Hurricane Dorian Thursday Rundown

I hope everyone is staying safe. I uncharacteristically did not have a Thursday Rundown last week so I am happy to return with my most popular Don’t Blink feature. Let’s hit it…

Hurricane Update – At around 3:30 a.m., Sid and I were jolted awake by a combination of phone alerts and heavy rain/wind. As it howled outside, our phones were warning us of nearby tornados. That has been the most concerning point of the day. Over the past 14 hours or so, we have had steady rain and wind but nothing that has caused us to feel nervous. Fortunately, the hurricane is moving northeast and worst case scenarios are no longer on the table. However, it is still supposed to get nasty tonight so we aren’t completely out of the woods. In fact, our street is starting to flood.

Our street in front of our house is starting to flood.

Cookie Dough Sundae – A couple weeks ago, Sonic was aggressively promoting a cookie dough sundae. The commercials influenced a certain blogger who is a little obsessed with ice cream. I thought it was just OK. The scoop of cookie dough at the top of the sundae lacked flavor. The ice cream itself was decent. The best part was the bottom where the excess caramel sauce and cookie dough pieces congregated. If I was to make a recommendation, I would advise the cookie dough Sonic Blast over the sundae.

This was the cookie dough sundae I got from Sonic.

Old Childhood Memory – My love for magazines started when I was little. My parents kept a subscription for Highlights, a children’s magazine with iconic features such as Goofus and Gallant, hidden pictures, and the jokes page. We kept each issue and by the time I was 10 we had a bookcase full of the issues. But over the past couple of decades I have not picked up an issue…until yesterday. When we were at the library I saw the latest Highlights magazine in the children’s sections and I couldn’t help but pick it up and skim it. Did you read Highlights growing up?

I loved reading Highlights growing up.

Another Witty Marquee Message – In the past, I have spotlighted random messages put on Mellow Mushroom marquees in Myrtle Beach. I couldn’t help but do it again today. Judging by the rather light Hurricane Dorian impacts we have received up until this point, I think Mellow Mushroom is probably still open right now.

If this sign is truthful, Mellow Mushroom is most likely still open.

Don’t Be Tardy – Today is National Be Late for Something Day (I am not kidding) but you won’t find this blogger participating. As a no-frills Type A dude, my biggest nightmare is showing up late for something. I don’t think it would hurt if others adopted the same attitude.


That’s what I got for you tonight. I hope all my South Carolinians stay safe and that things start to go back to normal tomorrow. Don’t Blink.

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