Big Brother Season 21 Review and Prediction

This is the post each year when I lose 90% of my daily reader traffic because I discuss a niche topic: Big Brother.

Ah yes, the season finale of Big Brother 21 is tonight and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t give my thoughts on the past 100 days and offer a prediction. So, as I conclude my fifth season of watching Big Brother (seventh season if you count the two celebrity versions), let me get a few things off my chest.

Time to offer some thoughts on Big Brother 21

Season 21 won’t go down as one of my favorite seasons. There never really was a houseguest who I was actively rooting for. When the season started, I tabbed Bella and Jack as my early favorites, but it only took a couple episodes before I was turned off by both of them. As the season went on, I would start to warm up to a certain houseguest but then they would get evicted. I liked Michie and Holly enough, but I never got on the Cliff or Nicole bandwagons. Basically, I never felt passionately one way or the other about any of the final four houseguests.

I think Season 21 lacked signature moments. A year from now, I doubt I will remember much about what happened over the past few months. One way I remember seasons is by the musical guest who performed in the house (i.e. Bebe Rexha last year) and they didn’t even have one this year. Even the “twist” of having two people know each other (Tommy and Christie) didn’t excite me that much.

But I don’t want to sound too critical of all the twists. I thought the Camp Comeback concept was kind of interesting. Having evicted houseguests inside the house in a purgatory state was a unique social experiment. I also liked the “make a pie” punishment, especially the instance when they had to pie other houseguests who were sound asleep in their beds in the middle of the night.

The season honored tradition by including classic challenges and appearances (you made me laugh again, Zingbot). Game play seemed pretty solid (Michie’s blatant lying at the house meeting to evict Tommy was a bold move). Julie was Julie, although I think she was a little more aggressive than usual during the eviction interviews.

So, I wouldn’t say Season 21 was a disaster by any means because it delivered what it was supposed to. But it just didn’t standout and it didn’t keep me glued to the TV. Oh well, not every season can be a sensational success.

No questions asked, Michie should win tonight. I am pulling for him to win and I believe every jury member should vote for him. But I am not naïve. If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years, it is that the deserving houseguest rarely goes home with the half million dollars. I am predicting that Nicole will win. Although it is a little sad that the Big Brother season is concluding, I am excited to have my Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights back! Don’t Blink.

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