Easter 2019

I say it every year: I love Easter.

The meaning, the buildup, and the time of year are all reasons why I enjoy the holiday so much. The 2019 edition for the Reser family did not disappoint. Our Easter holiday got off to a very early start and every minute we packed into it proved to be memorable and fun. Here is a quick look at what we did…

Our house was up around 4 a.m. yesterday so we could all get ready for 6 a.m. Easter Sunday mass. St. Andrew held seven different services throughout the day but we opted for the earliest one out of consideration for Sloan. We thought she would still be a little drowsy and thus more subdued at the 6 a.m. mass. Well, we definitely underestimated Sloan’s energy. Although she was very active, it was nice to enter the church in the darkness and walk out the doors with it bright and beautiful outside. Fr. Roger Morgan preached about the importance of declaring the Good News to others.

Sidney and Sloan after Easter Sunday mass at St. Andrew.

We stopped by “Gami and Dada’s” (Sid’s parents) house after mass so they could see Sloan in her Easter dress. We took some photos and then returned to our own house.

A photo we took after Easter mass at Sid’s parents’ house.

Soon after we got out of our church clothes, Sloan opened her basket from the Easter Bunny as well as other gifts from family members. She received clothes, candy, a canteen bottle, tooth brushes/tooth paste, a swim suit, a floatie device, and more. She wasted no time opening her Easter candy–but the key word is “opening.” She would rip off the foil on her eggs and just drop the chocolate.

Sloan opening up her Easter prizes.

As Sloan explored her Easter basket, we moved out into the living room and played Easter hymns and reflected for a bit. We also called my family and wished them a joyous holiday.

Sloan slipped on some bunny ears as we listened to Easter hymns.

One thing I didn’t mention that was in her Easter basket was a container of sidewalk chalk. With Sid doing some cooking for our Easter meal later that day, Sloan and I went out in the back yard and drew on the patio. We also blew bubbles, played on the jungle gym, and swung on the hammock. It was a beautiful day and we soaked in the sun.

Sloan and I played out in the back yard so Sid could cook.

We came back inside and Sloan proceeded to fall asleep. With our daughter down for her nap, Sid and I watched the second half of a movie we started watching the previous night. Have you heard of “Welcome to Marewin” with Steve Carell? Although not his biggest fan, I thought Carell did a superb job in the serious role he played and would recommend the film.

Sidney and I counted out and hid eggs for a hunt later on in the day.

When the movie ended, Sidney’s parents arrived at the house. Her sister and fiancé followed. Soon thereafter, Sid’s oldest sister and her family came through the door. We all sat down and enjoyed a delicious Easter meal. Among other things included in the spread, I filled my plate with ham, corn casserole, mac and cheese, green beans, and a roll. It was incredible!

This was my plate from yesterday’s Easter meal. Soooo good.

After we ate, everyone went outside. One of the reasons why we hosted Easter at our house was because we have an excellent lawn for an Easter egg hunt! After my in-laws arrived but prior to everyone else, Sid and I hid around 90 eggs in our back yard. With all the kids chomping at the bit, we let them loose to find the eggs, including a coveted gold one. It was fun!

The kids running around our yard to find Easter eggs.

Once the excitement of the egg hunt concluded, we returned inside for banana pudding and key lime pie. We visited for a couple hours or so before people started to go home. With it just us three again, we relaxed on the couch and counted our blessings.

Sloan and her cousin, Henry, playing in the living room.

Our evening ended in prayer. We thanked God for the ultimate sacrifice and for everyone in our lives. We went to bed happy and there wasn’t one of us who didn’t sleep well. Don’t Blink.

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