Corn Dogs: A Culinary Delight

This past weekend, Sid and I got dinner at MOD Pizza. However, we knew Sloan would be happier with something else so on our way home we stopped at the Sonic drive-thru. We gave Sloan her options from the kid’s menu and she decided on a corn dog.

We arrived home and the adults started in on their pizzas and Sloan picked up her corn dog. As she securely held the stick and took her first bite, Sid looked at me and made a confession:

“I actually really like corn dogs.”

Sloan eating her Sonic corn dog this past Saturday night.

Well, no wonder we got married, I thought, I do too! Although I didn’t say those exact words, I confirmed to Sid that I feel the same way. That, of course, got us on a conversation about corn dogs.

We both agreed that on this planet there is no better corn dog than the one that is freshly dipped at a county fair. But that is a given. Even if you claim to hate corn dogs, you will most likely chow down on one at the fair.

However, don’t think for a moment that Sid and I are fair-weather corn dog fans. It doesn’t matter if it is a frozen corn dog from a box or one that has stayed under the glass a bit too long at the gas station, I will most likely eat it. Just three quick reason why corn dogs are so great…

1. How can you beat the combination? I have a tough time turning down a beef frank covered in deep fried batter. The two naturally go together, creating a food that is much more cohesive than a hot dog.

2. There isn’t a more convenient food to eat than a corn dog. It is the perfect item to enjoy while on a road trip. You can easily eat one without fear of creating a mess and they are easy to chew/digest. Although you have a stick to dispose of, I find that the usefulness of it easily trumps any inconvenience it might cause.

3. A corn dog can be a snack or a meal. If you are trying to hold yourself over until dinner, just eat a corn dog…it won’t ruin your appetite. Better yet, eat a couple mini corn dogs! But don’t feel bad serving corn dogs for main course either. Cook up a bag of French fries and pair it with two corn dogs for each person in your family for a yummy and filling meal.

Never have the attitude that corn dogs are beneath you. Instead, embrace them as a fun, convenient, and, most importantly, delicious culinary delight. Don’t Blink.

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