My Birthday Gift

Usually, I frustrate my loved ones who want to shop for me. When my birthday rolls around or Christmas is approaching, I usually just shrug my shoulders when someone asks “What do you want?” However, this past birthday was different.

Months before October arrived, I had something in mind that I wanted for my birthday. Not since I was a kid had I found myself so excited about a potential gift. My giddiness for this certain present was so great that I spilled the beans this past summer.

I wanted a DNA kit.

This Ancestry kit came to my house last week.

Fascinated by how specific the results can be, I made it known that I wanted to find out the DNA makeup of my 32-year-old body. After researching reviews for both Ancestry and 23andMe, I decided upon the former.

The kit was a perfect present for my parents to get me. Because the tests are so easy to order from anywhere on the planet, the distance between us posed no issues with either locating the gift or shipping it.

A couple days prior to my birthday the kit arrived in the mail. The next day I provided the saliva sample, packaged it up (materials provided), and put it back in the mailbox. Now the hard part: the wait.

Now I have to wait. At least keeps you updated on your status.

Ancestry estimates that results will take 6-8 weeks. I have my own internal clock counting down to late November. I hate waiting but I think the information will be well worth the wait. Today I received a text message notifying me that the Ancestry plant received my sample.

I go this text today notifying me that my DNA was received.

My mom is full Italian. My dad, however, calls himself a “traveling man” which means he has a lot of different blood in him. I want to put all the pieces together and find out exactly what I am. This information will be helpful in telling Sloan’s story as well. Also, if I am connected with some long lost relatives in the process, even better!

I will be excited to link back to this post in about 50 days. I plan to share some of the basic details of my DNA test right here on my blog. Until then, we will keep guessing on what I exactly am. Don’t Blink.

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