My Favorite “This Is Us” Characters

Tonight is the season premiere of “This Is Us.” Call me soft, but my heart warms up a few degrees when I think about the show. As the third season kicks off tonight, Sid and I will once again be in front of the TV to watch. I enjoy the show because of the good acting, superb writing, and crazy plot twists. However, I love the show for a few reasons.

1. The family discussion that ensues – After the show, the Reser Pride 7.0 group message is turnt (did I really just use that word?). My family and our significant others discuss what happened and offer our theories and opinions.
2. The parallels to our own lives – No one can watch “This Is Us” and not have a theme or two resonate with them.
3. Holiday season is approaching – “This Is Us” always reminds me of the holiday season.

But that is my short list for the night, now time for the main event. In honor of the season premiere, I wanted to countdown my top 10 favorite “This Is Us” characters.

Time to reveal my favorite “This Is Us” characters.

10. Toby – I don’t like Toby.

9. Slyvester Stallone – You mean my favorite show also has guest appearances by Slyvester Stallone?! Sly was very understanding with Kevin as they worked together on a movie. He was down to earth and helpful when speaking to the former “Manny” star. Stallone’s charm is as strong and contagious as ever!

8. Randall’s daughters – These two little girls are just so cute and funny. Even more endearing, they are kind. When their parents randomly brought Deja home to live with them, they welcomed her with open arms. When she was sent back to live with her mom, they cried. When Deja came back, they greeted her with hugs. These girls are compassionate and loving, two traits that are lacking in this world.

7. Kate (young girl/teenager) – I feel so bad for Kate as she navigates the cruel world of childhood. Picked on by bullies and snubbed by friends, she also struggles to develop a meaningful relationship with her mom. Lucky for young Kate, she has her dad who can always shake her out of a depressed mood and get her to smile. I admire Kate’s strength and love for Madonna.

6. Miguel (present day) – Poor Miguel doesn’t have it easy. He married his deceased best friend’s wife and is resented by Rebecca’s adult children. However, he understands their bitterness and takes their jabs in stride. He has had some powerful moments and has proven himself to be a quality guy who didn’t pursue Rebecca until well after Jack’s death.

5. Randall Pearson (adult) – Randall, Randall, Randall. I like this guy, perhaps because I have a little of him in me. Sidney tells me that the two of us have the same personality and I am just fine with that. He is goal oriented, a workaholic, and a little obsessive. He can also be extremely corny! He tries to live his best life and I can respect that.

4. Rebecca Pearson (young mom) – Confession: A portion of my enjoyment for this character comes from the actress who plays her. I am a big Mandy Moore fan. She is talented, humble, and pretty. But as for the character “Rebecca,” she is the glue that holds the Pearsons together. She is an extremely strong woman – how else do you describe someone who delivered triplets, deals with an overbearing mom, watched her house burn down, and lost her husband to smoke inhalation?

3. Kevin Pearson (adult) – I know he is troubled throughout the series, but I like Kevin. I like his cockiness and some of his impulsive decisions. The role of “Kevin” needed to be cast the right way and I think the show nailed it. There is not an episode that this character does not bring a smile to my face.

2. Dr. Nathan Katowski – If this man was a regular character, he would probably be my number #1. He sealed it early on when he convinced the Pearsons to adopt Randall. You can’t help but shed a tear when Dr. Katowski delivers his advice and perspective to those who need it most. A compassionate doctor with a strong demeanor, this cast member should be in every single damn episode.

1. Jack – I would never go as far as to substitute the “J” in WWJD for “Jack” but the willingness of others to do so speaks to the character of this man. There is nothing that Jack can’t do for his family, even if it means beating an addiction or saving a dog from a burning house. He puts his kids first and treats his wife like a queen. Sure, he has his flaws but to question the heart of Jack Pearson would be to question the legend of Chuck Norris.


Whew! Hopefully you haven’t missed any of the premiere by reading this. What are you waiting for? Turn on NBC, grab some popcorn, and hop on the couch. Enjoy. Don’t Blink.

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