School’s Out For The Summer

I was in-and-out of the house this weekend covering the NCAA Baseball Regional. However, during the time I spent at home, something was obvious. Although always a sweet person and cool customer, Sidney seemed even more mellow and happy the past couple days. She had a constant smile on her face and joked around freely.

A couple times I straight up asked her why she was in such a good mood. Both occasions she denied anything was responsible for her joyful demeanor and I just let it go. But I couldn’t completely shake it from the back of my head. This morning during my workout I started thinking again about Sid’s mood and it hit me.

It is the last week of school!

It is the last week of school for this teacher!

To call it a “week” is probably inaccurate. Sidney’s last day of teaching for the school year is tomorrow. Better yet, tomorrow isn’t even a full day; like today, it is a half day. Yep, she only has a few hours left inside the classroom before she is on summer vacation.

I am a dummy for not initially identifying the concluding school year as the reason for my wife’s glee. It was a busy weekend and I guess I had a “silly husband” lapse.

With that said, I want to congratulate Sidney on successfully completing another school year.

When she leaves Palmetto Bays School tomorrow, she will have officially finished her fourth year as a teacher. Do the math, and that means Mrs. Reser has been a primary teacher for roughly 100 students in her career. Track those kids down when they graduate from high school and I am willing to bet that most of them will count her as one of their favorites.

Sidney and I in her classroom during her rookie year as a teacher. She completes her fourth year tomorrow.

But enough about claims that I can’t prove. Let me say something that I know for a fact: I am very proud of my wife! We have been together since she started teaching and I am always so impressed with the job she does. Sid has always given 100% and left an impact on those kids, but I have definitely watched her grow as a teacher throughout her time in the classroom. Each year she improves and becomes more comfortable. She started as a rookie teacher and has developed into a leader at the school.

So why all the euphoria? If she is a natural at her job, why is she giddy for summer? Um HELLO…being a teacher is very hard work!

After 180 days in the classroom, students aren’t the only ones ready for a break. Teachers earn their extended time off and you better believe they look forward to it. I would be all smiles if I was Sidney too! Don’t Blink.

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