My Top 5 Favorite Chips

A signature part of Don’t Blink is my annual #DoUsAFlavor Lay’s potato chips review and ranking. However, do you want to know something? On my top 5 list of favorite chips, you won’t find a Lay’s item. But you will find the below snacks on it! For tonight’s blog post, I am counting down my five favorite types of chips.

I enjoy Lay’s Potato Chips, but they aren’t on my top five list.

5. Tostito’s Rounds – In my opinion, a bag of Tostito’s Rounds is the perfect snack. Salty and easy to eat, you don’t have to worry about jagged pieces piercing your gums or crumbling in an inconvenient mess like regular tortilla chips. The size and shape of the snack makes it seem like you aren’t eating as much which is a good feeling. The biggest upside, however, is that they serve as a great base for quick nachos. I love piling a bunch of them onto a plate, dropping a layer of cheese, and sending it into the microwave for a minute. Out comes an easily containable, no mess serving of nachos!

4. Fritos Scoops – I like Tostito’s for nachos but I don’t necessarily like them best for dipping. If Sidney makes her famous sausage cheese dip, I want to pair it with Fritos Scoops. Thank goodness the leader in corn chip production makes a product specifically for dipping. Unlike tortilla chips, Fritos Scoops won’t break when you swoop in for a dip. Additionally, corn chips just taste better than tortilla chips. This is why I don’t even need a dip if I am going to eat Frito’s Scoops….just give me the bag and I am content.

3. Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar – I enjoy the entire Sun Chips line, but the cheddar version is my favorite. Scrumptious to eat alone, these chips taste delicious and contain a distinctive, full flavor. When I go to Subway, I am always grabbing a bag of Sun Chips just not to accompany my sandwich but to put on my sandwich. That’s right, there is no better chip to put on a sandwich than Sun Chips. The flavor and crunch combine to put any sandwich over the top. I have ate Sun Chips since I was little and I will always be a fan.

2. Cheetos – I am laughing a bit as I write this. Yes, I understand that Cheetos might not classify as a chip on everyone’s list but I think they are close enough (perhaps this could be the new “is a hot dog a sandwich?” argument). Notice how I did not specify “Crunchy” or “Puffs” as my favorite. Truth of the matter is that I enjoy both equally, although sometimes I will be more in the mood for one over the other. The best word to describe a Cheetos snack is addicting. You can open a bag and start munching and before you know it the bag is empty and your fingers are bright orange. I really enjoy the satisfying taste and crunch of Cheetos and have no problem eating imitators either. The cheese puff is simply a wonderful creation.

1. Tim’s Cascade Jalapeno Potato Chips – I prefer my potato chips thick and spicy. In a nutshell, that is the description of Tim’s Cascade Jalapeno Potato Chips, a snack based out of the Pacific Northwest. Sidney and I enjoy these chips so much that my mom will send us party size bags through the mail. The snack is simply perfect. The chip itself is pure quality, a hearty slice of potato fried until crispy and golden brown. A dynamite combination of spices is then added to pack a serious jalapeno punch to each chip. You will sweat when eating these but you won’t put the bag down. They are that good and addicting. Outside of the Tim’s brand, I still enjoy jalapeno chips but nothing beats the version that this Washington state company produces.


Thanks for talking chips with me tonight. Did I omit a deserving snack from the list? Let me know, just make sure it has flavor and crunch. Don’t Blink.

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