Your Thursday Rundown Is Right Around the Corner

Good evening to everyone! I hope the week is going well. Hang in there, Friday is right around the corner. You know what else is right around the corner? My latest Thursday Rundown…

Freeman High School – Yesterday, a school shooting took place in my hometown. Freeman High School was the target of the atrocity. A sophomore at the school lost his life and others were injured. A staff member at Freeman subdued the suspect (a student at the school) and police arrested him. Coincidentally, my dad had just officiated the Freeman football game this past Saturday at the school. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this senseless act of violence. When I used to hear about something like this, I would always think about how scared I would be if all of a sudden someone started unleashing bullets in a public place I happened to be at. Now, as a parent, I feel absolutely mortified that my daughter will grow up in a world where going to school carries with it a possible deadly risk.

Mommy and Daughter – Totally separate from my Sloan photo collage update, I wanted to share this photo of Sloan enjoying some special time with her mom. On Sunday evening, Sid let Sloan cuddle with her in the “big person bed” for a half hour. They had a lot of fun and Sloan gave Sid plenty of “kisses.” I loved watching how happy both of my girls were.

It was so cute watching Sid and Sloan cuddle in bed together.

Welcome to the Neighborhood – It is not new for neighborhoods to set up private online networks. Residents can join and discuss neighborhood news, incidents of crime, services offered, babysitting inquiries, and more. Although this is not a novel concept, I was late to the party, joining my neighborhood’s portal earlier this week. Let’s just say it has been interesting. I read a couple of posts that seemed more suitable to be written by teenagers as opposed to homeowner adults. I showed Sidney one of the entries and she couldn’t look away from the app for the next hour. Me on the other hand?…not so much. I think the idea in general is great but I will need the posts to be a bit more relevant before I start checking it on a daily basis.

Mortal Combat! – I don’t know what made me think of it, but this morning I was reminiscing about the video game Mortal Combat. When the game came out, it generated a lot of controversy because of its violence. Believe it or not, my parents banned me from playing it. Although we didn’t have a game system growing up (until we finally got a Nintendo 64 when I was 16), the ban was in effect when I went over to my friends’ houses. Don’t tell my mom or dad, but every now and then I would still grab a controller and kick butt with Sub Zero. Looking back at it, the blood that was such a distinguishing feature of Mortal Combat was pretty fake, and, to be honest, a little unnecessary.

Today’s completely random thought is brought to you by Mortal Combat.

Sloan’s Half Birthday – Tomorrow, Sloan will turn 26 weeks old. On Sunday, she will officially turn 6 months old. Time sure flies by. What a wonderful half year it has been. She is such a sweet girl and brings so much joy to her mommy and daddy. To all my Irish friends, Sloan’s half birthday will begin the 6 month countdown to St. Patrick’s Day.

Here is the latest Sloan photo collage.


Thanks for taking the time to read another Thursday Rundown. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend with no severe weather. Wherever you are, I hope you are safe from storms as well. Don’t Blink.

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