The Reser Bros Handshake

My brother and I have established several bonds of brotherhood over the years. We have experiences, inside jokes, words, and facial expressions that are unique to us. However, our greatest bond might be something even greater.

We have a handshake.

Our special handshake goes back at the very least 14 years. We have executed it thousands of times and it will forever be etched into our respective muscle memories. I can sit here and type while feeling the flow of the handshake go through my body.

My brother and I in 2003 right before we executed our handshake.

The “Reser Bros Handshake” is comprised of high fives, back hands, clasping, chest bumping, and pushing. It is not for the faint of heart. In fact, I have reached the age where I have to ask Glen not to be too aggressive when we go through the glorious motions. It is pretty epic.

Why did we start the handshake? Many of our favorite sports stars had special celebratory shakes and we wanted to emulate them. We put our heads together and came up with the Reser Bros Handshake.

When we visited Spokane last month, Sidney campaigned to dust off the old home movies at my parents’ house. She was successful in her efforts. We had a great time watching videos that dated back over the past few decades. On one particular tape was the first day of school from 2003. In it, my brother and I stand in front of the living room discussing the upcoming school year. Before you know it, the two of us can be seen executing the handshake.

Sidney busted out laughing at our complete nerdiness.  Glen was downstairs in the basement watching with us. The two of us knew what to do. We stood up and performed the handshake with the same amount of smoothness and precision that we performed it with that September day in 2003. Sid made sure to film our present day rendition and I filmed the TV to get the version  from 14 years ago.

I threw the two videos together and posted it on my Instagram account for Throwback Thursday a few weeks back. My Instagram followers responded with words such as “beautiful,” “hilarious,” “awesome,” and even “touching.” That reaction was enough for me to post it on YouTube. Tonight, I would like to give you the chance to watch the “Reser Bros Handshake” both then and now. I must warn you, my hair was hideous. Click here to watch.

As I mentioned above, the handshake will live on forever. Thanks to all those who appreciate it. Don’t Blink.

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