Surviving While Away From Wife and Daughter

On Monday night, I did something very unusual and uncomfortable. In fact, I did it for the first time ever: I stayed in our house alone.

I came home early from vacationing with Sidney’s family so I could get back to work. Sid and Sloan, however, are staying for the duration of their well-deserved vacation in Hilton Head. They won’t be back until Saturday.

Sidney and Sloan are in Hilton Head for the rest of the week enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

Living without my girls is tough. And how can you blame me? When you are so used to spending every minute at home with the two people you have an infinite amount of love for, it turns out to be quite the adjustment when they aren’t there.

Of course it brings me great comfort to know that they are surrounded by family in a beautiful place having a great time. However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have an empty/eerie feeling when I walked in the house after I returned from work yesterday. The living room is always the first area I see and usually the television is turned on, baby toys are strewn across the floor, and Sloan and Sidney are cuddling on the couch. On Tuesday, the living room was dark and quiet. Sleeping last night felt strange just like it did on Monday night. My wife was not by my side and the constant baby noises that usually come from Sloan as she sleeps in the rock-and-play in our room were non-existent.

These two are enjoying a lot of pool time together while on vacation.

Two nights in, I have an appreciation for military families and other couples who spend large amounts of time away from each other. Being away from your spouse/kids just doesn’t feel natural.

However, I am trying to make the best of it. This time away from Sloan and Sidney is allowing me to tidy up the house a bit and get myself organized. I can stay at work longer without feeling guilty. I can sleep a few minutes later in the morning. Tonight I will most likely eat at my favorite sports bar.

But if you think catching up at home/work and grabbing a burger while watching a game is consolation for the presence of my wife and daughter you are crazy. I miss them and can’t wait for Saturday. Don’t Blink.

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