I Am Proud of Sloan Because…

For someone who is not a parent, like I was for most of my life, it is tough to understand what moms and dads mean when they say they are proud of their infant children. What can someone do to warrant pride who hasn’t even lived on the planet for three months?

A couple weeks ago I tried to explain my answer to this legitimate question. I replied that first and foremost, it is a crowning achievement just to start out as a microscopic egg and then undergo countless obstacles and milestones over a nine month period to ultimately emerge as a human. I then proceeded to give a more specific and current example on why I am proud of Sloan. However, as a dad who is too prideful for his own good, I have additional reasons as well. In tonight’s blog post, in no particular order, I want to give you ten other reasons for why I am proud of Sloan.

Tonight I give “just a few” additional reasons on why I am proud of Sloan.

I Am Proud of Sloan Because…

She carries my last name – By no choice of her own, Sloan has my name. I need to lead a good life to make her proud of it.

She has her mama’s good looks – Thanks to Sidney for providing her dominant genes, Sloan stops people in their tracks.

She has been through a lot – Sloan has already overcome enough to validate her toughness for the rest of her life.

She is taking her hair loss very well – Sadly, some of her hair is falling out (typical for many babies) but she is taking it much better than most men.

She sleeps through the night – I am not kidding here, we put her down around 8 p.m. and she doesn’t wake up until I feed her at 4:30 a.m.

She is in training to become a professional soccer player – Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. It seems to be all she does these days! We set her down and her feet go bonkers for intervals of up to 30 minutes.

She sits quietly through church Perhaps one day she will become a nun? Nah, I think she is just very well-mannered.

She is not jealous of her newborn cousin Although she hasn’t exactly told us that her feelings aren’t hurt by the birth of Henry, her body language seems to suggest that she is totally cool with it.

She puts up with daddy’s singing – If you have heard my singing voice, you would be extremely proud of Sloan too.

She makes you forget about the stresses of life – Feeling down? Text me and I will send you a video of Sloan being really cute!

Okay, I am finished with my bragging. I think I will hold off on sharing my other 100 reasons for at least another month. God bless you, Sloan! Don’t Blink.

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