My Excitement For New Businesses in Myrtle Beach

If you get excited about national restaurant chains opening up, Myrtle Beach is a great place to be over the next few weeks. Just in time for the tourist season, several very well-known locations will open their doors. Luckily for Sidney and I, many of these places are within close proximity of our house. For tonight’s blog post, I wanted to feature five new restaurants that are within a ten minute drive of where we live. I will also rate my excitement for the opening of the business based on a 1-10 scale.

Business: Dave and Buster’s
Opening Date: June 5
Excitement Level: 9

I have watched commercials for Dave and Buster’s my whole life. However, despite being exposed to the chain’s marketing, I have never spent time in one. I am excited for that to change. I have had a ball at other establishments with the same business model as Dave and Buster’s but I have never played in the one that pioneered the concept. Located at Broadway at the Beach, a better spot in Myrtle Beach could not have been chosen. Can’t wait for those doors to open!

Business: Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen
Opening Date: June 12
Excitement Level: 7

When Sidney and I took a trip to Savannah a couple years back, we ate at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen to celebrate our one-year anniversary of dating. Sid was extremely excited to eat there while I had never really known that Paula Deen had a restaurant chain. However, after that night I would never forget it! For those who enjoy Southern cuisine, this is your place. The biscuits they bring you while you wait for your food is the best part (and the food itself is really good so that is saying something). Also, having the option to order off a menu or go for a country style buffet offers the best of both worlds. I hope the Myrtle Beach location is bigger than the one in Savannah, however, because space was at a premium and the wait list was long.

Sidney and I at the Paula Deen restaurant in Savannah. I had a chicken pot pie.

Business: Panera
Opening Date: It opened yesterday (May 23)
Excitement Level: 5

Whenever a member of Sidney’s family would go to a city that had a Panera, they would always stop and clean that particular location out of its cinnamon chip bagels. Thus, over the past few years, I have had a cinnamon chip bagel or two. In fact, in celebration of the grand opening of the Panera that is now conveniently right in the middle of my commute from work, I bought a bag of bagels to surprise Sidney with when I arrived home yesterday night. Although I have not tried Panera’s sandwiches, soups, or salads, I am sure it will happen soon enough.

Yesterday, I surprised Sidney with cinnamon chip bagels from Panera.

Business: MOD Pizza
Opening Date: Today (May 24)
Excitement Level: 9

Yes, many of you know that there is a MOD Pizza in the general region of where I live. However, as of today, there is now one that is smack-dab in the middle of work and home. In fact, every night I will have to deal with this new MOD Pizza location calling my name as I drive by. Tempted to attend today’s 11 a.m. grand opening where the first 52 people got a free pizza,, I decided to hold off because I know I will have plenty of time in the future to satisfy my MOD fix.

A photo of me with the pizza that I built from scratch. I love MOD Pizza.

Business: Carolina Ale House
Opening Date: Beginning of June
Excitement Level: 3

This place is supposed to be the real deal. The creative menu supposedly takes pub food to the next level and 60 beers are available on tap. Adding to the intrigue, Carolina Ale House restaurants are supposed to be really cool inside and the atmosphere is supposed to make you feel right at home. However, believe it or not, I am not much of a craft beer guy. Because of that, I am not counting down the days until June.

Bonus Entry

Business: Dollar General
Opening Day: Last April
Excitement Level: 10!!

Okay, this isn’t a food place. However, a Dollar General recently opened up right outside our neighborhood. In fact, we can easily walk to it! Although not a traditional dollar store, these no frills locations have everything you need at a reduced price. Since the end of April, if Sidney and I need anything from batteries to beverages to bathroom tissue, all we have to do is make a short two minute trip to our local Dollar General.


Any exciting restaurants or other businesses opening up where you happen to live? Let me know, I will share in your enthusiasm with you. Have a great evening. Don’t Blink.

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