A Thursday Rundown With Cereal

Where did May go?! Next week when I write my Thursday Rundown it will already be June. However, that is not a bad thing because next month is going to rock. Enough with talking about next week’s Rundown, let’s focus on tonight’s…

Another Interesting Cereal Spotting – Yesterday at Walmart I became aware of a couple new flavors from the Cinnamon Toast Crunch brand. You can now purchase Strawberry Toast Crunch and Blueberry Toast Crunch. As a big fan of cereal, especially Cinnamon Toast Crunch itself, I am very intrigued by these two new flavors. I am thinking both options probably don’t contain the cinnamon component of its parent cereal but you better believe that each one will pack a whole bunch of sugar. Perhaps this is an excuse to try both of them and then blog about it?

I took this photo of Strawberry Toast Crunch boxes and Blueberry Toast Crunch boxes when I saw the display at Walmart yesterday.

“Suffering” With No Hot Water – There is nothing like a cold shower to wake you up! During the weekdays I shower on campus in the locker room of our fitness facility. Usually it is a pleasant experience but this week it has been a bit chilly. Since Tuesday, I have maneuvered around to try to avoid the brunt of the powerful stream that shoots out from the shower head. With work on gas pipes taking place, the gym will be without hot water for two weeks. I wrote at length about what goes through my mind when I take a cold shower but there is one fact that can’t be disputed: a cold shower is better than no shower!

I will be without hot water when I shower at the gym at least throughout next week.

Big Day In One Month – I have had several people ask me when Sloan will be baptized. The answer is exactly one month. On June 25, our daughter will be baptized at St. Andrew Catholic Church. Judging by what a good girl she is at mass and by how much she enjoys listening to hymns, Sloan is ready for the sacrament right now! But my mom and brother will be traveling for the special occasion and my sister-in-law is about to give birth to a precious baby boy so we all knew that a date late next month would work best. I can’t wait for Sidney’s family and my family to be together again.

Sloan Photos – Sloan has adjusted very well to her first week at daycare. I am proud of both her and mommy. When either Sidney or I walk across a room, Sloan’s eyes will follow us. It melts our heart. Here is the latest photo collage.

The latest Sloan collage. She turns 10 weeks tomorrow.

From The Archives – I must admit, the blog posts I have written the past two years on this date have been a couple of my favorites. On May 25, 2016, I wrote about the wacky method I used to lose 30 pounds for my wedding. Then, on this date two years ago, I stood up for a segment of the population that is sometimes ridiculed for sharing a certain hobby/lifestyle on social media. I recommend reading them both!

I told the story about how I lost 30 pounds on May 25, 2016.


There you have it, I am done! Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for your support of my blog. Don’t Blink.

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