For Those Who Don’t Know About the Thursday Rundown…

In case you are a new reader to Don’t Blink, I have a weekly tradition. It is called the Thursday Rundown. It entails me briefly discussing five random topics, often very poorly. Here we go…

The Best Souvenier – Sidney’s family returned from Disney World this past weekend and they brought me the best souvenir…a giant Mickey rice krispies treat! I wish all of you could hold it in your hands just so you could have an idea on how heavy it is. Let me tell you, just because this thing packs quantity doesn’t mean it lacks quality. Each bite I have taken so far has made me want to an immediate next one. But I have showed some restraint; I have currently “just” eaten through the ears.

Sid's family brought me back a rice krispies treat from Disney World.

Sid’s family brought me back a rice krispies treat from Disney World.

Jason Bourne – Last Thursday night, I went to “Jason Bourne” with Sidney and my father-in-law. As I mentioned in the previous Thursday Rundown, I was going in blind since I had never seen a “Bourne” movie before. I was worried it would hinder by understanding and enjoyment of the movie. To be honest, it did to a degree. However it wasn’t as if I was totally lost following the plot. The movie had some cool scenes in it but I was not blown away by any means.

My movie ticket for "Jason Bourne."

My movie ticket for “Jason Bourne.”

My Reaction to Olympics Coverage – A lot of folks are criticizing NBC for its coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The trendy complaint is that the broadcasts are too packaged and too romanticized. I agree to an extent. NBC does often break away from the actual venue to tell the stories of courage and adversity surrounding the participating athletes. It is a little predictable. However, often the reports are well done so I can at least stomach them. The biggest/oldest complaint is that the primetime coverage is not live. Four years ago I wrote about how much I hated this but in my advanced age I have become a little more tolerable toward it. I think because I better understand the historic significance of the games and because I thoroughly enjoy the NBC on-air talent and the production technology offered, I can live with the delay.

#PhelpsFace – Okay, I couldn’t resist. I am jumping on the bandwagon of our country’s current most popular meme and putting my own corny, self-serving spin on it…

This is really awful, I know.

This is really awful, I know.

From the Archives – One year ago I wrote about the importance of salvaging each day, even if something we aren’t looking forward to is lurking down the road on the calendar. Two years ago I put together a blog post giving brief reviews to 10 different Redbox movies I watched in 28 days. It was actually kind of fun going over that list just a couple minutes ago. I actually remembered most of the titles and it brought me back to that first summer I spent here in Myrtle Beach.


Thanks for your time this evening. Finish your week strong and I will be back on Sunday. Don’t Blink.

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