Ten Lousy (for the most part ) Movies

As I have written about before, I watch a lot of Redbox movies. Maybe I should start to reconsider.

Just for fun, I went through the past ten Redbox movies I have watched. For the most part, these films that I have watched in the last 28 days didn’t impress me too much. In tonight’s blog post I will very briefly go through each one and give you a sentence or two on whether you should watch it or not.

Movie: “Heatstroke”
Date Watched: August 10, 2014
Summary: Dad takes girlfriend and troubled daughter on hyena trip to Africa. Dad gets killed, girlfriend and daughter must survive.
My Opinion: The movie did manage to keep my attention, although barely. The scenery isn’t very good, the villains are corny, and the daughter will annoy you.
My Letter Grade: C

Movie: “Divergent”
Date Watched: August 7, 2014
Summary: Girl has trouble fitting into one of the personality factions of society. Joins one where she doesn’t really belong and discovers an evil plot to turn society upside down.
My Opinion: I was disappointed with this movie. It went too long and didn’t really compare at all to the “Hunger Games.”
My Letter Grade: C

Movie: “Angriest Man in Brooklyn”
Date Watched: July 31, 2014
Summary: A bitter, mean man is falsely told he only has 90 minutes to live. The man then goes off to do what he can to right his wrongs.
My Opinion: Although Robin Williams and Mila Kunis star in it, the movie is a disaster. A plot line that sounds interesting is tarnished in a B movie type production that doesn’t respect the pedigrees of Williams and Kunis. Stay away.
My Letter Grade: D

*******Five minutes after writing these words I heard the unfortunate news about Robin Williams. May he rest in peace.

Movie: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
Date Watched: July 28, 2014
Summary: An established hotel concierge befriends a young employee and the two try to cash in on a will while also battling false accusations.
My Opinion: I hated it. Not my style of movie at all.
My Letter Grade: D-

Movie: “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
Date Watched: July 27, 2014
Summary: The winners from the previous Hunger Games are placed back in the competition in an all-star type version. A revolution is brewing and the ruler of the society is trying to squash it.
My Opinion: Great acting, great plot, and great scenes. Enjoyed this movie even more than the first. The ending will irritate you though.
My Letter Grade: A

Movie: “Heaven is for Real”
Date Watched: July 22, 2014
Summary: A boy almost dies and visits Heaven. His family must deal with the aftermath once he makes a full recovery.
My Opinion: Not a terrible movie but I thought it focused a little too much on the father and his obligation to the church he was the pastor of. The Heaven scenes and descriptions were cool and I wish the movie centered on that more.
My Letter Grade: B-

Movie: “Under the Skin”
Date Watched: July 21, 2014
Summary: An alien disguised as a woman drives around in a van, seduces men, brings them back to her apartment, and then watches them sink to their death.
My Opinion: Super weird, artsy movie. Scarlett Johansson stars in it and does a decent job but I found little meaning or point to the film.
My Letter Grade: C

Movie: “Cleaners”
Date Watched: July 20, 2014
Summary: An organized type crime ring ran by a cunning cold-hearted woman hires her daughter and another girl to do a job. Things aren’t as they seem.
My Opinion: Laughable, low budget movie. Horrendous acting and juvenile storyline. The actresses in the movie are hot but that didn’t even save me from turning it off early.
My Letter Grade: F

Movie: “Simple Plan”
Date Watched: July 17, 2014
Summary: Three guys find millions of dollars in a crashed plane. They take the cash and stress takes over, bad things happen, and a man comes after them.
My Opinion: I got duped…thought this was a new release since I got it from a Redbox but it was made in 1998. Depressing movie set in a snowy landscape complete with depressing characters.
My Letter Grade: D

Movie: “Blood Ties”
Date Watched: July 13, 2014
Summary: A film that takes place in the 1970’s chronicles the relationship between a New York City cop and his brother who was just released from prison. They try to make the best of things but the brother goes back to a life of crime.
My Opinion: Pretty boring and a little too long. Not as bad as some of the other movies but I did have to turn it off about three quarters through because it was 2 a.m. and it wasn’t doing enough to keep me up.
My Letter Grade: C-


Condolences to the family of Robin Williams. As I neared the completion of this post the news broke that Williams had passed. Despite my less than stellar review of the “Angriest Man in Brooklyn” I have always been a big fan of his. Don’t Blink.

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