Running It Down on Thursday

Happy May 19th Day to you! Here we go with the Thursday Countdown…

Perfect Wedding Gift – This past weekend, Sidney and I received a pretty awesome wedding gift. Her parents have a great relationship with their next door neighbors and they are close to Sidney as well. Last Saturday, Sid was visiting with her parents at their house. She called me over saying that the neighbors had a wedding gift for us to open. I arrived and we went next door. The nice neighbors gave us a gift bag that had a gas can in it. After taking the container out and examining it, their garage door opened up and there was a lawn mower waiting for us! What a generous gift and what a fun way to give it. Thanks Sue and Jerry!!

Take a look at our brand new lawn mower.

Take a look at our brand new lawn mower.

Two Years of Timehop – On this date two years ago, I wrote about how I downloaded Timehop. Eventually I would write a whole post about the app. Today though I must call it out for being wrong. Under the two year banner for May 19, it has a photo of me with my neice. Nevermind the fact that I took this photo last July. The most glaring error of all is that Mikalya wasn’t even alive two years ago. I am still a Timehop fan but it sometimes has inaccurate information. 

This DID NOT happen two years ago. An embarrassing error for Timehop.

This DID NOT happen two years ago. An embarrassing error for Timehop.

“Money Monster” – On Friday night, Sidney and I went to the theater to watch “Money Monster.” The movie stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Clooney is an over-the-top money analyst television star and Roberts is his director. A disturbed man who had his savings depleted by bad advice given by Clooney on the show, takes the television host hostage during the live program. Sidney really enjoyed the film and gave it two thumbs up. I thought it was good but I didn’t necessailry like the villain (the person who took Clooney hostage). I just never got that cold and sadistic vibe I like from deranged characters. However, it is an action packed film.

Revised NBA Finals Pick – A few weeks ago I stated I wanted a Golden State vs. Charlotte matchup in the NBA Finals. Well, since the Hornets didn’t even make it out of the first round I have known that I would need to make a revised pick. I am hoping we get to see the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors duke it out for the championship. Just with the amazing ride the Warriors went on this year I think it would be a shame to not seem them in the finals. However, it wouldn’t bother too much either if the Oklahoma City Thunder pulled the upset and represented the Western Conference. I am adamant about my pick on the other side though. Although it doesn’t look like it is going to happen, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals. Slim chance. Enjoy the basketball, folks.

Wedding Update #32 – Sidney had her bridal shower last weekend and in addition to the lawn mower we received some fabulous gifts. We met with the church last night to finalize our liturgy. Now, when it comes to St. Andrew (where we are getting married), we just have our meeting with the priest and the rehearsal to go before it is showtime. Also, earlier this week we narrowed our song choice for our first dance to three finalists. And, believe it or not, we just now decided on which one we will use! It is a special melody indeed. Only 23 days to go!


I wish you all a great weekend. Unlike last week, I don’t have a big idea for what I will write about on Sunday but I promise I will provide you with something. Don’t Blink.

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