Two Years After Arriving in Myrtle Beach, I Write a Thursday Rundown

Good evening to you all. Thanks for coming back to read another Thursday Rundown. Here we go with this week’s five topics…

Two Years in Myrtle Beach – Two years ago on this date, I rolled into Myrtle Beach to start a new stage in my life. I have loved my time here and have enjoyed many blessings, the biggest one of course meeting my soon-to-be-wife. Myrtle Beach is a great place with countless ice cream shops and fabulous weather so it goes without saying that I get along just fine down here. I do miss my family but technology helps to fill that void and having my new family (Sidney’s family) makes things easier as well.

The Chanticleer Final Issue – I always say that the best recognition I can receive doing my job is recognition that comes from the students. Our student newspaper, The Chanticleer, released its final issue of the academic year yesterday. It was pretty cool that the editor gave me a shout out but I got really excited when I saw my life motto used in the “Top 5” feature. It was the best issue ever…well maybe except for this one.

Student recognition is the best recognition.

Student recognition is the best recognition.

New M&M Flavor – I always include new candy I see at the checkout aisle on my Thursday Rundown posts. This past Sunday I saw new Chili Nut M&M’s. To be honest, I am not 100% certain what a chili nut is, but I am guessing it is just a spicy peanut. Now I love original peanut M&M’s and I also love spicy peanuts but I don’t know if I am digging a chili nut flavor of M&M’s. To me, spice just doesn’t go well with chocolate. However, I will try a pack eventually.

I held a bag of the new Chili Nut M&M's on Sunday night.

I held a bag of the new Chili Nut M&M’s on Sunday night.

NBA Playoffs – Last weekend I finally started to watch the NBA Playoffs. On Friday night I watched the Cleveland vs. Detroit game. On Saturday, I sat down with my future father-in-law and watched a doubleheader…Charlotte vs. Miami and Dallas vs. Oklahoma City. Heck, we event started to watch the late night game (Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland). On Sunday we watched as Steph Curry re-injured himself in Golden State’s win over Houston. I would love to see the Golden State Warriors vs. Charlotte Hornets in the NBA Finals. Although the injuries have tarnished the playoffs thus far, I still enjoy watching the postseason just because of the storylines that develop and the increased effort that is exerted.

Wedding Update #29 – We are just 44 days away from the big date. Sidney’s bridal shower invites went out in the mail this week. Items are disappearing from our registry. My mom bought her dress. It is all very exciting and hopefully other big developments will transpire between now and when I give my big Wedding Update #30 next week.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I send my best wishes for a great weekend. Now, if you will excuse me, I got to get in front of a TV so I can see who is picked #1 in the 2016 NFL Draft. Don’t Blink.

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