Wedding Countdown: Two Months Out

Today is April 11. To most, it is just a Monday and an ordinary day on the calendar. Honestly, for the most part, this is what the day is to me too. However, there is a small caveat that makes this date just a little more interesting for me. Today marks exactly two months until Sidney and I get married.

We are just 60 days from our wedding.

We are just 60 days from our wedding.

This special two month mark was preceded by another important wedding milestone this past weekend. The people who we have requested their attendance at for our big day received their invitations. On Friday, most of the guests in our local area received mail from us. By Saturday, everyone west of the Mississippi received their invites. It was very cool to see the texts and the photos come in confirming receipt of the invitations. At the same time, it was also very real as well. This thing is happening.

Of course I couldn’t be more pleased and excited. The sending out of the invites and the arrival of the two month countdown really signifies the home stretch until we say “I do” at St. Andrew Catholic Church on June 11. As I asked Sidney to marry me last June, we were looking at a year-long engagement. Now 83% of that time is gone. We have come a long way.

So how will the remaining 17% go? I am sure there will be crazy times ahead but with Sidney and her mom driving this wedding bus we will arrive smoothly right at the door step of June 11. Seriously, I can’t begin to describe how much planning, shopping, organizing, and strategizing they have already done so far. They have sat in on meetings, ordered supplies, and selected wedding attire. They have hired caterers, photographers, florists, and DJs. The amount of work poured into the date 60 days from now by those two has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Then on the other side of the country you have my parents who have done all they can do considering they are 3,000 miles away. From addressing invites, securing travel, ironing out rehearsal dinner details, and much more, they been busy and attentive as well. Perhaps the most important thing they have consistently contributed is support. Each day they tell me how lucky I am to marry such a beautiful and smart bride and that they are so happy for us.

So what I am contributing? Well, compared to everyone else, not much. I am concentrated on serving as the liaison between the church and our wedding party and looking presentable for the big day. Since I wrote this blog post with my then fat fingers in January, I have slimmed down a bit and almost reached my goal. The next several weeks I hope to meet it.

Thanks to all who say they enjoy my wedding updates. I will have another new development to report on Thursday. Until then, we are now inside of two months! It should be a fun ride to the finish. Don’t Blink.

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