My Motivation in 2016

This is not a New Year’s resolution post. To me, what I am about to write about doesn’t really fit that realm. Besides, I have written before that I am not a big fan of airing out resolutions on social media/blogs. So please just agree with me.

When 2016 hit, the alarm went off in me that said it is now time to really focus on my eating habits. I then hit the snooze button on that alarm for a couple days until after I returned from Spokane. No one wants to stop eating sweets and guzzling beer while on vacation, right?

Most know that I am religious about working out. I never miss my early morning gym session. Those close to me also know that lately I am religious about eating too much. I never miss seconds at dinner and never refuse constant snacking during the weekend. Over the past year or so I have allowed my eating to counteract my work in the gym.

Not that this would ordinarily stress me out. I am not that obsessed with my body image. But, when the ball dropped in Times Square a few days ago a reality set in…I am getting married this year!!!

Of course I could not have asked for a sweeter thought to usher in the new year for me. It is a given that 2016 will be the best year of my life thus far. But behind the euphoria and excitement of the quickly approaching date is the determination to look good for it.

With a wedding and honeymoon only five months away, the dawning of the new year was the major jolt I needed to tell me it is time to quit my snacking and overeating. If I treat my body better with what I put in it, my time in the gym should tighten it up.

There will never be a better time for me to lose weight. How can I ignore the motivation of a wedding and tropical honeymoon? I want to seize the opportunity I have in front of me and make Sidney and everyone else proud. Writing this blog post and declaring my goal in front of all my readers just solidifies my drive even more. Time to get ready for June 11. Don’t Blink.

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