The Next Edition of the Thursday Rundown

Good evening, my friends. I hope your November has started off on a great note. Here we go with my latest Thursday Rundown…

Halloween Recap – I had a good Halloween this year! Sidney let me choose her costume as she modeled both a Wednesday Addams ensemble and a Rosie the Riveter selection. I went with Wednesday because I thought it was more original and because Sidney just looked so cute dressed up as the “Addams Family” daughter. Dressed in our costumes we watched Sid’s niece and nephew trunk-or-treat to start off the night (participating families park their cars around each other and kids go trunk-to-trunk asking for candy). I then took a hay ride to a house in the neighborhood that was having a Halloween party for parents and kids of the trunk-or-treat. Sidney and I enjoyed ourselves as we ate great food and watched football. We then went out to a bar that had a costume contest and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

I dressed up as an evil clown and Sidney was Wednesday from the Addams Family.

I dressed up as an evil clown and Sidney was Wednesday from the Addams Family.

#CCU Halloween Graphic – Speaking of Halloween, how awesome is this graphic that one of our designers, Regis, created for our social media outlets? Our graphic design team always comes up with something really cool for the holidays and this was no exception. I have said before that “The Ring” was one of the very few movies I ever saw in a theater that scared me.

This "The Ring" inspired graphic was pretty cool!

This “The Ring” inspired graphic was pretty cool!

Adidas – Talk about an excellent public relations move! Adidas recently announced that it will help high schools around the country ditch Native American mascots. Not only will the company perform free design work for schools with offensive logos/mascots, it will also shell out money to cover the cost of switching from one identity to another. I think this move will really help to update and clean up some of the old and appalling school symbols that have managed to stay around much longer than they should have. Of course, Adidas looks terrific taking on this effort.

Chanticleer Gear Blowout – Our bookstore at Coastal Carolina is almost through with a supplier transition. One of the final steps of going from one company to another is getting rid of all the old company’s stuff. The Chanticleer Store started to phase out the old gear through gradual sales the past several weeks. However, yesterday was the big and final one. The store slashed all outgoing items with price tags of either $5, $3, or $1. I was first in line yesterday to take full advantage. I bought a couple t-shirts, a few pullovers, a sweatshirt, 20 pens, a door mat, notebooks, three mugs, three pint glasses, and more. The final price? $37.

The bags I filled up and the glassware that I purchased.

The bags I filled up and the glassware that I purchased.

Taste of the Town – Tonight, Sidney and I are off to Taste of the Town, one of the most anticipated events in Myrtle Beach. Over 50 restaurants will be on hand to dish out samples of their food. Entertainment and drinks will also be widely available. Sidney and I attended last year and I wrote this blog post about our experience. I will have to remind myself to eat less this second time around. The best part about Taste of the Town is that it is a fundraiser for my church, St. Andrew Parish.

Sidney and I ate ourselves silly at last year's Taste of the Town.

Sidney and I ate ourselves silly at last year’s Taste of the Town.


So like I just mentioned, I got to get ready to eat! Have great weekend and I will touch base on Sunday. Don’t Blink.

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