Brent’s 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Sidney

This past Sunday, my fiancé took over my blog and wrote a terrific post titled “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Sidney.” It was very well-received and garnered a large amount of views. I have since decided that I want a piece of that pie and tonight I will also write a “25 Things” post.

Before you start groaning let me put you at ease…I am not writing about me. Rather, to ensure that my audience receives every opportunity to really become acquainted with Sidney, I thought I would contribute an additional 25 things you didn’t know about her as well. Consider this post “Brent’s 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Sidney.”

1. Sidney has the talent of perfectly rapping every lyric to Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” like nobody’s business.
2. She saw her first substantial snow of her life when she visited me in Spokane last December.

While in Spokane last year, Sid got to see her first real snow.

While in Spokane last year, Sid got to see her first real snow.

3. Everyone in her family has nicknames. For example, she goes by Ninny. Her middle sister goes by Pookie and her oldest sister goes by Noopy. Her niece is Sissy and her nephew is Brother.
4. A container can be found in Sidney’s room that contains the cards I have given her, the tickets to movies/shows/sporting events that we have attended, wrist bands from festivals that we have enjoyed, etc. etc. She started collecting the contents when we started dating and she named it the “Boo Box.”
5. You won’t find Sid trick-or-treating this week. She hates Halloween and scary things.
6. However, she probably wins the prize for cutest Halloween costume ever. During her younger days she dressed up as a bunny.

How cute is this?! This is Baby Sid dressed up as a bunny.

How cute is this?! This is Baby Sid dressed up as a bunny.

7. The kids who have Miss Mathis as their second grade teacher are very fortunate. She genuinely loves and cares for each student and thinks about them constantly out of school hours.
8. Speaking of teaching, this is Sid’s all-time favorite teaching meme.

This is Sidney's favorite teaching meme. It makes her laugh quite a bit.

This is Sidney’s favorite teaching meme. It makes her laugh quite a bit.

9. Sidney has a talent for cooking. I eat very well. Some of her specialties include Marlboro pasta, macaroni & cheese, and chicken bog.
10. What is her favorite food? French fries!
11. Sid bought me a Curious George stuffed animal but it stays at her house and is her second best friend.

Sidney loves George.

Sidney loves George.

12. While she might not like ghosts and demons, my fiancé loves a different type of scare. She is a roller coaster and fair ride fanatic.
13. If you turn on the radio in your vehicle, Sid will sing.
14. Like reality TV? How about trashy reality TV? Let me introduce you to Sidney, you will soon be good friends.
15. Last week, Sidney swam with sting rays!

Sidney swimming with sting rays at Ripley's Aquarium last week.

Sidney swimming with sting rays at Ripley’s Aquarium last week.

16. Sidney is a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl.
17. The one liquid that powers the body of Sidney Mathis is Diet Coke.
18. No social media drama between us! Sid is not a big social media user.
19. When Sidney and I first started dating, the F-bomb would slip out of her mouth every now and then. I stated that I really didn’t care for it and now she never says it! What a girl!
20. She was born in a small town called Marion, S.C.
21. We are polar opposites on this one…Sid loooooooves dogs. She asks me constantly if we can get one.
22. The early bird gets the worm. On a typical school day, Sid rises at around 4:30 a.m.
23. She once had a roommate that would push a cart around campus to transport her books and other school supplies. Who needs a backpack?
24. Because my family always has lasagna as a Thanksgiving dish, Sid promised me that she would make lasagna for Thanksgiving weekend this year (I am spending it with her family).
25. Sidney is the most kind, loving, selfless person you will ever meet.

You now know 50 things about Sidney that you probably didn’t before this past Sunday afternoon. By this time I am sure you probably want to meet her if you haven’t yet. Lucky for me, I get to spend the rest of my life with her! Don’t Blink.

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