What Will I Write About Next Sunday?

Every now and then, I like to really take the input of my readers to heart. This evening, I want you to decide for me what activity you would like to see me do and then write about for next Sunday’s blog post. Please keep in mind, the three proposals I am going to ask you to vote on aren’t meant to be wild and wacky ideas. Rather, they are just topics that could turn into interesting blog posts. In a perfect world, I would do all three of these. However, time is scarce and I would need a Saturday to do one of these activities on. So for right now, I am just going to do one of them and you are going to decide which one that is.

Palm Reader – On my way to work, I pass a few sketchy tiny homes with old signs out in front reading “Palm Reading” or “Fortune Telling.” Each one has a woman’s name attached to it (think something similar to “Cleo” from those old infomercials). With how eccentric these places look from the outside, I can’t imagine what I would walk into if I actually went for a reading. Under no circumstances do I actually believe what these “mediums” have to say, I would just want to go for the experience and see what a modern day fortune teller looks like and how she operates.

Eating Challenge – Back in July, I wrote about how I got cold feet when it came to attempting an ice cream challenge. However, at that time I didn’t feel like I had to go through with it because no one expected me to. If you vote for this activity, I will have to order up the challenge whether I have second thoughts or not once I enter the parlor. I would be going back to O.D. Pavilion Ice Cream to attempt the Waterdog Challenge which consists of devouring seven scoops of ice cream in five minutes. Do you think I can do it?

72 Holes of Mini Golf – When I first arrived in Myrtle Beach, I wrote a couple blog posts about the amazing putt putt golf courses the city has. Just recently a promotion has surfaced involving four of the eclectic courses owned by the same owner. For $35, you receive a pass to play all four. Of course they don’t expect you to play them all in one day but that is what I would do. To make this activity a little more interesting, I would be competing against Sidney for those four rounds as we travel across the city to each of the different courses. Competition would be fierce and it would definitely be a long day.

So how will I spend next Saturday? I would prefer you leave your vote underneath my Facebook status teasing this blog post. You can access my Facebook page by clicking here. However, if you don’t have Facebook or wouldn’t want to be caught dead commenting on my page, you can vote in the comment section of this blog post as well. What will it be…palm reader, eating challenge, or 72 holes of mini golf? Don’t Blink.

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