Bo-Berry Biscuits, Clemson Football, World Series, Pecan, Mikayla

It is Thursday again! That means two really good things:
1. Tomorrow is Friday!
2. It is time for my Thursday rundown.
So how about we get this over with as quickly as possible? Here are five topics for you.

Famous Treat of the South – I recently wrote about my top five favorite fast food places. Cracking the bottom of that list was Bojangles, a chicken restaurant chain down here in the South. While I have enjoyed the standard fare for both dinner and breakfast, I had neglected to try its most famous item: The Bo-Berry biscuit. Today, Joanna, our editor at Coastal Carolina, brought in a couple boxes of the delicacy. Even though my body didn’t need for me to indulge, I grabbed one of the football shaped pastries and brought it to my desk. I savored every single bite of that frosted berry biscuit. I immediately knew why the item is so popular.

I took one of these Bo-Berry biscuits right out of this box!

I took one of these Bo-Berry biscuits right out of this box!

Weekend Trip to Clemson – This weekend Sidney is taking me on a birthday getaway to Clemson, South Carolina, for some ACC football. The Clemson Tigers will be hosting North Carolina State on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Our plan is to wake up super early on Saturday, drive over, experience the tailgating scene, enjoy the game, and then stay the night. We will head back to the Beach on Sunday morning. As many of you know, I love seeing different stadiums, no matter how small or big. I can’t wait to see the gameday experience that Clemson has to offer. Ironically, I will be returning to Clemson the following weekend for the game against Louisville. But more on that later.

Tickets and parking pass for this weekend's game.

Tickets and parking pass for this weekend’s game.

World Series Pick – The Major League Baseball playoffs are here! Both wild card games ended in disappointment for me so I am hoping my luck turns around now that the actual playoff series begin. My preference (and semi-prediction) for the 2014 World Series? Bring on the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Dodgers! Because I saw the Orioles play a couple games in their own ballpark this year, I am going to root for them. Last year I saw the Boston Red Sox play in their own ballpark and they won the World Series so I am seeing if I am some type of good luck charm. As for the Dodgers, I have always been a fan and I would love to see Clayton Kershaw pitch on that stage. I would also love to see World Series games inside of Dodger Stadium, my second favorite ballpark in the Majors.

Pecan or Pecan? – As I have written about before, living in a new area has introduced me to different ways of pronouncing words and to the proliferation of different accents. There is one word, however, that divides our office more than any other: Pecan. Including me, half of our office pronounces it Pee-CON. The other half pronounce it Pee-CAN. I will be the first one to admit it, the way that I say it is not how it is spelled. The way that my southern co-workers pronounce it (Pee-CAN) is technically textbook correct. I might have to change my family-taught way of saying the word phonically incorrectly. How do you say PECAN?

Mikayla Update/Photos – A couple nights ago I got to Skype with my brand new niece Mikayla while my mom fed her. She is now four weeks old and cuter than ever. My sister sends me constant Snap Chat videos and photos of her. My dad e-mails me images on a consistent basis. Technology really does a noble job of bridging the distance gap but I am excited to see her this Thanksgiving.

Mikayla keeps getting cuter and cuter each day.

Mikayla keeps getting cuter and cuter each day.


Have a great weekend everyone. Make sure to listen to “Homegrown Honey” by Darius Rucker because it is an awesome song with an even more awesome music video. Shake it down to your roots! Don’t Blink.

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