My Top Five Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

Although I am pretty good at limiting my fast food intake, if given the opportunity to chow down on greasy and quick food I will. In order to get me even hungrier for a late dinner tonight I wish to present my list for my top five favorite fast food restaurants. The list will start at my all-time favorite fast food joint and descend from there.

1. Subway – While I had to think a little bit about the positioning of my favorite restaurants in the #3-5 slots, my king of fast food places was a clear-cut, undisputed no-brainer. I absolutely LOVE Subway. My love goes so deep that I even wrote a blog post devoted solely to the best sandwich shop ever. My mouth waters just upon entering a Subway restaurant because the smell of their fresh bread is so heavenly. I could eat cold cut combos every day of my life if I wanted to. Throw in a bag of chips and the crunchy combination that results is incredible. Best part about Subway? You can find a restaurant ANYWHERE. Our nation is covered with them in standalone stores, food courts, gas stations, stadiums, and other random spots. I can’t get enough.

2. Taco Bell – Notice how I said above that I had a tough time positioning the #3-5 restaurants on my list and not #2. Yep, earning the runner up position on my list in easy fashion is Taco Bell. In high school I would eat inside a certain Taco Bell restaurant with my friends quite often. We loved how cheap, and, coming from a high school student at the time, how delicious it was. These days I might not call Taco Bell’s food delicious but I still think it is good and it is definitely still cheap. My favorite menu items are the classic bean burrito and the half pound beef and potato burrito. Even when I do order the beef and potato burrito I still like to get a side of fiesta potatoes to go with it. I enjoy zipping through the drive-thru, picking up my order, and then going home and dousing it with Sriracha sauce. It has been a good seven months since I ate Taco Bell last but it sounds pretty good right about now.

3. Jack in the Box – I really appreciate the sheer convenience of Jack in the Box. Open 24 hours with a very diverse menu, the restaurant can meet your needs at all times. Oh, and just like Taco Bell, it is cheap! Who doesn’t like a restaurant where you can go at any time to pick up a burger, taco, egg roll, breakfast, or milkshake? While maybe not a master of any of these items, it is definitely a “Jack” of them all. Tied with Taco Bell for my favorite late night fast food restaurant, I love the concept of the Jack in the Box franchise.

4. Dairy Queen – Because it is home to my all-time favorite dessert item, Dairy Queen is #4 on my list. I am addicted to blizzards. Even with the numerous great ice cream shops here in Myrtle Beach, I have managed to still visit the local Dairy Queen for my blizzard fix a couple times. The actual food at Dairy Queen is so-so. I usually won’t order anything too elaborate just because the grub is somewhat pricey and they always seem to mess up on my order. However, if you order their cheese curds and pair it with a blizzard you can’t go wrong.

5. Bojangles – Living in the South now, I have grown to like Bojangles. Although not too impressed with it the first time I visited, I have since discovered that they offer a great breakfast. About 75% of the time after church on Sundays I will swing by Bojangles and pick up a couple breakfast biscuits. I also enjoy their chicken rice bowls that they whip up. I ate free at the place a few times over the past several weeks because of a promotion ran by the local minor league baseball team in town. I enjoyed these meals just enough to have Bojangles take the final spot on my list.


I hope I didn’t get you too hungry…or disgusted. If you still have a stomach I would love for you to respond with your top five fast food restaurants. Keep eating my friends. Don’t Blink.

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