The Insignficant Five

Thank you all for joining me for another Thursday. As usual I have prepared five topics to breeze through. Here we go!

First Time Doing This in South Carolina: Yesterday I went and had something done for the first time since moving to the South. Feeling a little like a bum and not in line with the beach dude type persona, I went and got my hair cut. Not knowing the area too well and wanting to get a really nice cut since I work in the administrative building on campus I put a lot of thought into where I wanted to go. After numerous referrals and internet searches I found my place…it is called Great Clips.

Call me tacky but I am a Great Clips guy. I went to the store and got right in. To make things even sweeter they had all my past haircut information from Missoula in their computer. I had a delightful conversation with my stylist Shelley and she managed to make an ugly guy look just a little bit less ugly.

I went and got my hair cut yesterday at Great Clips in Myrtle Beach.

I went and got my hair cut yesterday at Great Clips in Myrtle Beach.

“Lucy”: Last Friday night, Sidney and I went to the movie “Lucy.” Starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman it was an extremely entertaining film. Touching on the concept of human beings only using 10% of their brains it hypothesized on what would happen if a drug existed that enabled 100% usage. While some of the science-fiction went a little over my head there was no denying the action, acting, and storyline exhibited in the film. Some of the scenes were incredible. If you want a fresh and entertaining movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat for an hour and a half I highly recommend “Lucy.” It is a good one to see in the theaters.

Do yourself a favor and go see "Lucy."

Do yourself a favor and go see “Lucy.”

Tobacco Free: Last week for my Coastal Carolina University update I brought news about the change of beverage provider from Coke to Pepsi. Tonight I am happy to report that tomorrow the CCU campus will go tobacco-free. You have to understand that many places in the South still hold very tightly to certain things. Using tobacco is one of them. While many universities across the country went tobacco free long ago you will find campuses in this area that are resistant to making such a change. Because of this, tomorrow is a big deal. Personally I am ecstatic. This makes our campus healthier and more beautiful. I work right next to the woman who over the past three months has educated our campus on the changes and options that will result from this big move. Let me tell you, her and others have put a lot into making this initiative successful. Bring on August 1!

The Unexplained: I am a big enough loser to pay $10 for a nerdy magazine while standing in line at a CVS. This past weekend I purchased “Mysteries of the Unknown,” a special edition magazine published by Time. The over 90-page publication had stories on everything from ESP to the Bermuda Triangle to vampires to haunted houses to spontaneous human combustion to Bigfoot. I eagerly read every page of the book and enjoyed reading the arguments both for and against the different phenomena. In the magazine I found the articles dealing with Harry Houdini, “The 27 Club,” and the UFO sightings at Chicago’s O’Hare airport especially interesting. If you are interested in weird stuff like this let me know and I will pass on the magazine to you (please save yourself the $10).

I enjoyed reading this magazine!

I enjoyed reading this magazine!

Funny Feeling: In the intercollegiate athletics world, August 1 is the widely recognized date where the party is over and the beginning of a period of seven or eight months starts where you won’t see the light of day because you are working so long and hard. For the first time in several years I am not under that type of pressure. Sure, things are starting to heat up a lot in my new position but it isn’t the overwhelming feeling you get once August rolls around in intercollegiate athletics. Safe to say I am absolutely content with where I am now.


I got one very exciting weekend planned! I will try to fill you all in on it with a short blog post tomorrow. Until then, have a great Thursday evening. Don’t Blink.

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