More Than Meets the Eye

On Wednesday night my boss took me out to dinner. We went to probably the most recommended place in Conway, the Riverfront Bistro. During the start of our delicious dinner he looked at me and said, “So do you have any questions for me? It seems like I already know pretty much everything about you.”

My dinner at the Riverfront Bistro. Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with apples and onions. The side is the macaroni and cheese noodle cake.

My dinner at the Riverfront Bistro. Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with apples and onions. The side is the macaroni and cheese noodle cake.

Bill reads my blog on occasion so he has a pretty good grasp on how I spend my time, what I value, opinions I hold, etc. After he asked the question I had a good laugh and admitted that I don’t know if it is exactly a good thing that I pretty much tell the whole world everything that is going on in my life. But then again I really don’t…believe it or not I have a small personal life (just like anyone) that doesn’t show up on a nightly basis in Don’t Blink.

But for the most part Bill’s question spoke a lot of truth. If anyone takes the time to follow me on social media or read my blog they are going to pretty much know what is up with me and who I am all about. I am very transparent and I give my audience a very real look into my life. If anyone wants to know how I feel about something they pretty much just need to do a keyword search on my blog and chances are I have already covered it in a post over the years. No need to actually ask me in person.

Since moving to Myrtle Beach, Bill is not the only one who has pretty much said “I feel like I already know you.” Numerous people on and off campus have told me that introductions and small talk aren’t necessary because they pretty much know so much about me. At first I am always flattered that they take the time to read what I have to say and follow me but then that feeling I alluded to above of doubting myself for putting so much out there starts to creep back. However, I am usually always able to shake it.

You see, I think having a solid foundation built by the time people meet me for the first time is a plus. Pressure is taken off, both for me and the person I am meeting, when you feel like you aren’t on ground zero. Like Bill said, he felt like he already knew me and I much rather start a relationship at that point. It also builds confidence to know that if someone is talking to me for the first time and they mention that they read my blog and follow me on Twitter that they have some interest in me. Cause let’s be honest, if you think what I say on my blog is junk and that it makes me sound like an arrogant jerk chances are you will do what you can to avoid me.

So in this roundabout way I don’t have a problem with my transparency over my personal new media accounts. I credit my blog and my social channels for helping me easily connect with lots of people here in South Carolina. Now that the blog reading and the initial in-person introductions are done I am excited to move onto the next phase…showing these people the Brent that doesn’t live behind a computer screen or an iPhone. I will do my best not to disappoint. Don’t Blink.

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