My Apologies

I want to send out my sincere apologies for neglecting my blog for the past few weeks. As I had alluded to in one of my posts before I went on hiatus, this is the busiest time of the year for me. With the craziness of work and with the craziness of everything else going on in my life, I have really come up short on my blog. I am sorry for that. You see, when you take on something like a blog, you do take on a responsibility. You take on the responsibility to maintain it and keep it fresh. One of my firmest beliefs is that there is nothing more embarrassing than an untouched social media/social networking medium that is out there in cyberspace for people to look at and laugh at because everything is out of date. This sends a message that the person or organization running the social media site/account is lazy. Please, consider me lazy and embarrassed. I wish I could promise that I will do better in the next few weeks but I can’t make that commitment right now.
Just a quick little rundown on what has been occurring in my life as of late: Work is definitely dominating. Our football team is playing at a very high level right now and we have a big ESPN quarterfinal playoff game coming up that I will blog about next. We also have basketball in full swing as both our men’s and women’s teams are in the middle of  their non-conference schedules. This week we have three basketball games in addition to our football game. The highlight of the basketball schedule this week comes on Saturday when our men’s team welcomes Nevada into Dahlberg Arena.  I never wrote about our rivalry game against Montana State but it was one of the best times I have ever had watching a football game. I was in charge of the booster bus that we took down to Bozeman, Montana, for the game and it was a truly memorable trip. We came in as underdogs but we took it to the Bobcats, destroying them 36-10 and winning the Big Sky Conference championship. Cheering and yelling on the sidelines with my fellow staff members and the football team as the victory unfolded was so sweet. Words can’t really do justice to when you go to your rival’s house, destroy their undefeated league season, humiliate them, and then celebrate with the people you work with so hard day in and day out.

The success of our team has derailed some of my plans, but it is definitely not something I am complaining about. I was set to go to Columbus, Ohio, with my fellow co-worker this past weekend. As an All-Big 10 goal keeper for Ohio State, my friend, who is an assistant soccer coach for us, was going to show me around campus and give me a real taste for Columbus. But our football team played amazingly down the stretch and earned the right for a home playoff game and a bye (they won this past Saturday, 41-14 over Central Arkansas). In intercollegiate athletics anything can happen and it is truly a gamble to plan any type of trip or vacation when it is possible that you could be hosting a game. I took the gamble and paid for it, but it was actually a win-win. Either I was going to go to Columbus, Ohio, or I was going to be in Missoula working a playoff game for the school I love with all of my heart.
Besides work, I have been busy as well. Thanksgiving was awesome, I got to spend time with my family and Spokane friends. My brother and I had a great time with each other as always. Back in Missoula, I have probably taken it a little harder than what I should. I will be the first one to admit, I have probably gone out more times than I should have. It is kind of weird, you get into the routine of going out nightly and it is kind of hard to stop. With all the hours and stress that I pour into my job, you just get that itch to go out and have fun. Over the past few weeks I have ate out and drank way too much. But it has been so much fun. I have met and developed friendships with some special people over this period of time. I have also rekindled a friendship which I am very happy about. Although in the long run it is going to affect me in my waistline and in my wallet, I am grateful for this period of time.
Happy December, everyone! It is the holiday season and I hope it finds all of you in good spirits and in good health. As I do have a sense that I might continue to slack in my blogging duties, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @BrentR7. I dare you to be able to tolerate me for one week before deleting me from the people you follow. Have a great week! Don’t Blink.

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