Transitioning Back to Reality

I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my job with a passion. It is just tough to go back to work after a wonderful vacation. In fact, it was not just a wonderful vacation, it was an absolute escape from reality.
If you have been to Vegas before then you know what I am talking about. If you have not been to Vegas before, I am sure you have heard people tell you about this phenomenon. It is a culture shock coming back from the City of Lights, especially if you are coming back to a relatively small city. The transition is so tough because Vegas is simply so “out there” and really an illusion in itself.  Vegas is straight up a fantasy land. A lot of people will say that they are glad to be returning home but it still takes some getting used to.
My Vegas vacation is not the only reason why it is going to be hard to enter the Adams Center tomorrow morning and pick up my job just like any other regular day. Vegas was just the middle part of events that gave me a prolonged break from my regular job. As I blogged about here, on Thursday and Friday of June 9th and June 10th, we had Huddles and Heels and our GSA Golf Tournament. As I was helping out at both of those events, I never made it to my desk. Although I spent several hours at the office on both that Saturday and Sunday preparing for my absence for the following week, I was limited on what I could do.
Did I do anything this weekend to catch up on my work so that maybe Monday would not be such a shocker? No. On Saturday, just several  hours removed from landing in Missoula from Vegas, I drove to Kalispell for Dan’s 25th birthday party. I had an absolute blast as I got to see a lot of my Kalispell friends and celebrate a quarter century of excellence for my good amigo. As plenty of alcohol was served, it also helped to extend my Vegas haze as well as deprive me of more sleep.
I spent the night in Kalispell on Saturday and then drove back to Missoula this morning. As I was driving, I realized that the joy ride was pretty much over. It was time to focus back up a little. When I got home I did laundry, got caught up on my journaling, and made evening mass. I did my weekly grocery shopping and watched the Sunday Night Baseball game. I finally inserted some normalcy back into my life after pretty much 10 days of craziness. I am a very structured and detailed person so getting back into a routine was definitely good for me.
However, nothing is going to quite prepare me for tomorrow morning. I am already anticipating the overload I am going to feel when I see how many e-mails and voicemails I have waiting for me at my desk. After answering those, I have several projects I need to get started on plus the plethora of duties I do at the beginning of the week. To make this week of catch up even more intense, I will be out of town at the beginning of next week as I travel to Seattle. So basically in the next five days I will be getting caught up from last week, completing the necessary tasks I have on my plate for this week, and getting a jump start on my work for next week.
Probably the biggest challenge I have regarding the time I took off to vacation in the desert is effectively getting back on my workout plan. As I write this, I am very discouraged about the shape my body is in. After working my ass off to get into swimsuit shape for Vegas, I let one too many beers and plenty of greasy food take me a few steps back. Tomorrow in the gym is going to be brutal. My goal is to put 5 great days in and try to regain some of the gains I made over the past several months.
Tomorrow is going to be a tough day for me. I feel if I give it my all both work wise and gym wise, it will set the tone for the rest of the week. A good week is crucial for me. Time to prove that I am capable of taking time off without it effecting me negatively in the long run. Don’t Blink.

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