Memorable Vegas Vacation

This past week I was in Las Vegas for a few days of partying with friends. I went with my friend Dan and we met my brother and his friends Fran and Colton. It was an amazing time and it will surely go down as one of the major highlights of my summer.
I was in Vegas from Monday at noon to 6am on Friday. That is a pretty long trip. With a long trip comes lots of happenings, experiences, and memories. Because of that, I am not going to go hour-by-hour/day-by-day explaining our crazy trip. Instead, I am just going to center around five themes that really defined our Vegas vacation and elaborate on those.
5. Pool/Heat – We stayed at the Flamingo during our stay. We had a pretty sweet room that was complete with a flat screen TV, floor to ceiling windows, luxurious shower, and a TV embedded in the bathroom mirror. But the room was not the best part of the hotel. The best part was most definitely the swimming pool. The pool at the Flamingo is humongous and beautiful. It is also a very happening place. Add in lots of alcohol and it is pretty much the best time ever. Every morning we were in Vegas, Dan and I would go down to the pool at 8am and stay until around 2pm.  The first day we were there we met a group of moms and their daughters. Both moms and daughters were attractive and a lot fun. Second and third mornings we hung out with a couple of really cool sorority girls who just graduated from Oregon State. We got to know them pretty well and even met up with them at a club later. The pool was very necessary as the first few days we were in Vegas the thermometer read over 100 degrees. It was extremely hot but let me tell you, it was way better there than the cold,  rainy weather I was greeted to when I got back to Missoula.
4. Meeting New People – One of the best parts of Vegas is that there are so many cool and different kinds of people partying it up on vacation. The atmosphere and the endless streams of alcohol make it very easy to meet and talk with new people. The first day we were there, Dan and I met some cool girls from Jersey. It is always easy to make conversation after you buy someone a drink and then accidently spill half of it all over her (not one of my brighter moments). We had a fun time with them as we tried to lump them in with every Jersey Shore stereotype we knew. We even met cool locals. Dan and I went to this dive bar a little off the strip called Stage Coach. We struck up a conversation with a hot bartender and she loved our lives, giving us free drinks and posing for pictures with us. As I mentioned above, we also met a couple of girls from Oregon State. Both of them were very sweet and we kept in touch throughout the whole trip, even meeting up at the Ghost Bar. Because of the quick thinking of Fran, we also met some English girls. We met them at the Excalibur food court and later that night they came clubbing with us. Accents are the hottest things ever. In addition to these specific examples, we also met people from New York, various places in California, Florida, Helena, Houston, and even Spokane!! (I did not know them previously).
3. Clubs – We got to experience the clubs of Vegas. On Tuesday night, Dan, Glen, Fran, Colton, and myself went to the VooDoo Lounge on top of the Rio. We got V.I.P. bottle service and believe me, they make you feel V.I.P. The view was breathtaking and the club was fun. We spent the night dancing like crazy as we overlooked the Vegas strip. On Wednesday night, Dan and I went to the Ghost Bar at the Palms. This is another club where you are 51 stories above the Vegas strip. We felt a little out of place at first just because there are so many incredibly rich people there but that feeling went away and we had a good time. I met the most beautiful 46 year old in my life while we were standing on the glass that lets you see straight down to the ground. On Thursday night, Glen, Fran, Dan, and our English friends went to Coyote Ugly. We had so much fun and the cover and drinks were much cheaper than anywhere else we went. We danced hard at this place as well and it was a great way to cap off our last night in Vegas.

                                           VIP experience at VooDoo

2. NO SLEEP – Believe it or not, I did not sleep once the 90 hours we were there. The only exceptions of me shutting my eyes came for about 15 minutes at the pool one day. You see, we would be up partying/gambling/visiting until at least 6:30am and then I would need to go down to the pool and stand in line at about 7:30am so I could make sure that we would get a good spot at the pool when it opened at 8am (yes, it is that intense at the Flamingo pool).
1. Craziness – Las Vegas was very crazy. I am just going to leave it at that.
As of right now, I am still adjusting back to Missoula life. Hard to imagine what work is going to feel like on Monday. Once again, I just want to thank Glen, Dan, and Fran for a  great trip. We did Vegas right. Don’t Blink.

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