King Thursday Rundown

Awww…it is wedding season. I want to start this Thursday Rundown by wishing the best to all engaged couples who will be tying the knot very soon. I also want to congratulate all married couples who will be celebrating anniversaries over the next few months. Alright, let’s get going with tonight’s five topics…

First Ice Cream Truck Purchase – There is nothing quite like that first ice cream truck purchase of the summer. For my children, it happened this past Friday at Browns Park in the Spokane Valley. We had a dinner picnic with my sister and her children when at one point that familiar music reached our ears. Of course, Sloan and Beau pleaded for the chance to pick something out and I relented (at least this once 😂). Beau got a Spider-man treat and Sloan got a bomb pop. The most ironic part? The kids enjoyed their first ice cream truck treat on the same date this year (May 31) as they did last year.

I captured this moment from last Friday when Sloan, Beau, and their cousin, Johnny, picked out their first ice cream truck treat of the summer.

King Richard – Sidney and I recently watched “King Richard” on Netflix. Want to know what stood out to me? Throughout the film I totally forgot that Will Smith, one of the best actors on the planet, was playing Richard Williams. He played the role so well that his reputation and celebrity never made me think “Okay, how is Will Smith going to approach this next scene?” Besides Smith’s performance, the movie was solid and I really enjoyed watching the different coaches and how they put up with Richard’s demands/ego.

Will Smith delivers an outstanding performance in “King Richard.”

Amputee Soccer – I was today years old when I learned about amputee soccer. What an inspiration! Athletes who are missing a leg play with forearm crutches but without their prosthesis. It takes guts to play a sport but the courage needed to play with a significant disability is a whole different level. I was introduced to the sport of amputee soccer when this ABC report came on at the gym.

I loved learning about these talented athletes.

Pickleball Oasis – I took Sloan and Beau to Riverfront Park on Saturday. While walking to the Ice Age Playground, we decided to investigate all the commotion that was coming from under the pavilion. Lo and behold, we strolled into this beautiful pickleball scene. As part of the 50th anniversary of Spokane Expo ’74, a pickleball tournament was held to promote and celebrate the wildly popular sport. I enjoyed watching some of the play while the kids participated in the pickleball activities offered by the vendors who were set up on the pavilion floor away from the action.

I took this photo of Picklefest ’24 underneath the pavilion at Spokane’s Riverfront Park. What a cool event!

Summer Essentials – With summer practically here, I had to take a photo of Beau next to the below Safeway display. It just nails it when it comes to the bulk essentials needed for these summer months. I probably averaged 10 Otter Pops per summer day as a kid and now, rightfully so, my children pay me back by leaving their sticky Otter Pop wrappers all around the house. You need crisp, cold water during these sweltering summer months—at least two bottles for every beer. And finally, I am convinced the classic licorice tub is bottomless. I eat piece after piece but I don’t think I have ever seen one of the containers completely empty.

Otter Pops, water, and Red Vines….who is ready for summer?!


A hot weekend is on tap here in Spokane and we have a lot on our agenda! Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I will catch up with you in a few days. Don’t Blink.

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