Why You Should Take Your Kids to Burger King Instead of McDonald’s

During the holiday break, I took the kids to lunch at the sparkling new Burger King that opened on Sprague (near Pines). It replaced an outdated BK that always seemed like a trip to the 1980s every time I walked inside.

But whether we ate at the new or old location, the food was always good and I always found myself wondering why we didn’t eat here more often compared to its arch (pun intended) rival—especially when it came to the kids.

The fact of the matter is that I think Burger King is a much better option for children than McDonald’s. How so? Let me offer five quick reasons…

Burger King is a good time for the kids!

Feel Like a King – Burger King always has crowns at the front counter for the enjoyment of kids. Not only is it a great souvenir, but I am pretty sure cheeseburgers just taste better when you are wearing a paper ornament on your head. McDonald’s could probably offer clown hats or something similar but do they? You know the answer to that.

So Cheap – The typical kid’s meal is $2.99. At McDonald’s, a Happy Meal will cost you almost double. What more do I have to say?

Cookie Dessert – Each kid’s meal at Burger King comes with a soft chocolate chip cookie. If you aren’t too concerned about the childhood obesity epidemic this is a pretty sweet deal, especially if you can convince your child to break off a piece for you.

Freestyle Soda – Kid’s meals come with a fountain beverage and if you dine inside the restaurant you get to use Burger King’s Freestyle Coca-Cola machines. As an adult I am still fascinated by these things so you can imagine how enamored Sloan and Beau are by them. McDonald’s on the other hand? Not only do they not have Freestyle machines but they plan to remove self-serve soda machines entirely!

Bold Opinion – While it is a no-brainer that Burger King offers better cheeseburgers than McDonald’s, I am going to speak for my kids and say they have better fries too!


Remember, the crowns aren’t just for the kids. The next time you have the choice between Burger King and McDonald’s, you might want to opt for BK and enjoy a cheaper and more entertaining dining experience. Don’t Blink.

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