Wrapping Things Up

Today I finished my last official work day of the year and right now I am writing my last non-special blog post of the year.

Did you catch that qualifier?

Keeping with tradition, on Dec. 30 I will publish my top 10 blog posts of the year which has affectionately been dubbed The Big Blog Post. I will then follow that up with my year in review post on Dec. 31. Please stay tuned for both those entries, I look forward to publishing them each year.

But until those posts roll out at the end of the month, no new content will be published. I am excited to spend time with my children over Christmas break and make memories. In fact, the fun already started after I finished work this evening when we participated in the Christmas tree ornament craft at the library.

Sloan and her cousin, Mikayla, making Christmas crafts at the library.

I will surely thank my readers in my final two blog posts of the year, but until that time I want to thank you here as well. What a year it has been and I extend my gratitude (or my apologies? 😂) to those who lived vicariously through this blog.

I wish you a merry and meaningful Christmas. Never forget the reason for the season, friends. Don’t Blink.

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