Nacho Bar!

As we enter the season of get-togethers, potlucks, office parties, and Christmas cheer gatherings, I would like to offer a suggestion for the portion of these shindigs that is ultra important: the food.

If you are hosting something over the next couple months, consider a nacho bar. This idea isn’t exactly novel in the catering world as I am sure we have all enjoyed a nacho bar at a conference or work seminar, but perhaps you might be inclined to take a chance and bring it into your own kitchen.

Nachos are so good!

To make it work, I think you would need to start by having shredded cheese already melted onto the chips and placed into paper boats. But from there, the creativity of your guests can take hold. Toppings such as nacho cheese, meat, beans, and veggies would then be offered. You could then have a section devoted to salsas, hot sauces, and other condiments. To complete the spread you could then offer some more obscure options such as blue cheese crumbles, garlic seasoning, bacon bits, etc.

Of course this is on my mind because today is National Nachos Day. If you have followed Don’t Blink for at least a half decade, you know my love for this very American fare. In 2018 I wrote about how Sid and I love to make homemade nachos. They work great for Friday nights or to throw together while watching a game. However, until this point, I haven’t been bold enough to suggest an actual nacho bar.

Sidney and I love to make nachos together.

But whether you go to that extreme or not, perhaps tonight is the best time to get with your significant other and cook up your own nacho creation. Hopefully you don’t that that idea is too cheesy. Don’t Blink.

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