Ninth Month Thursday Rundown

Well I hope your September is off to a fine start. Our month started off with a trip to Missoula, the celebration of my niece’s 9th birthday, and the beginning of the school year. Let’s dive into tonight’s five topics…

Back-To-School Boards – This year we purchased our back-to-school boards at Michael’s. We opted for a dry erase version so we no longer have to purchase a design on Etsy, get it printed, etc. Now we can just fill out the board the morning of the first day of school and we will be able to use them for years to come.

We purchased our back-to-school dry erase boards at Michael’s.

Griz Vision Cameo – As I briefly mentioned in my Missoula blog post, a highlight of the football game was Sloan making it on the giant video screen of Washington-Grizzly Stadium (called Griz Vision). We had a couple girls just a little older than Sloan sitting by us and of course our daughter made quick friends with them. Their mission throughout the game was to appear on Griz Vision. They danced their hearts out throughout all four quarters but it almost looked like the Griz Vision cameras would allude them. Not so! With under two minutes to go in the game, the girls caught the eye of the camera person closest to our section and they were projected onto the screen during one of the final timeouts. The below photo shows the group reacting to their accomplishment while they are literally on the screen.

Sloan and her new friends react as they projected onto Griz Vision in Washington-Grizzly Stadium.

Creepy Clown – I don’t know how it got there or who the previous owner was, but Sloan found an unsettling clown doll in my parents’ house on Sunday night while celebrating my niece’s birthday. The doll was the subject of much humor throughout the evening. Sloan wanted to bring it home but I adamantly told her no, especially since we have a certain member of our household (the other person whose name starts with “S”) who is afraid of clowns. Nonetheless, when we pulled away to head home, I noticed my dad had sneakily placed the clown in our car. Yep, it is now living under our roof.

A photo of Sloan holding the creepy clown doll that now lives at our house.

National Beer Lovers Day – I think there must be like eight different national beer days on the calendar because I find myself sharing this blog post a lot. Approximately 5.5 years ago, I counted down my top five favorite beers and a lot of people hated me for it. You will just have to see my choices to learn why (and happy National Beer Lovers Day).

I don’t think a lot of people agree with my beer choices.

What A Big Heart – Ready to feel small? Courtesy of @HistoryInMemes, the below photo is the heart of a blue whale. The arteries in this organ are so huge that an adult human could swim in them. Some more incredible facts: that heart you see is 1,300 pounds and a single heartbeat of the animal can be heard from two miles away. Puts into perspective our rather small physical size, right?

This is a photo of the heart of a blue whale (image courtesy of @historyinmemes).


Time to sign off for the week as I turn my attention to another football weekend. Thanks for your support of this blog and may God bless you! Don’t Blink.

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