Stopping the Beat

I have a question about a specific instance of human behavior and I am open to all of your theories!

When we moved earlier this month, I started going to a new gym. This place is actually another Snap Fitness and it is going to work out just fine for me. If you are familiar with Snap Fitness gyms, you know that these fitness centers aren’t elaborate by any means but aren’t basic sweat boxes either.

This is my new gym…Snap Fitness on Dishman-Mica in Spokane Valley.

I am usually the first one to arrive at this particular gym in the early morning. At this location, the “sound system” is a simple stereo that sits near the entrance. Sometimes it is turned on when I walk inside. In those instances when it is not turned on, I will flip the switch myself and set the volume at a medium level. I do this more for some background noise as I have never exercised with a personal music device/earbuds. As I wrote 10 years ago, my thoughts serve as my “music” more than anything.

Because I have such a relaxed disposition to music at the gym, what happens on the daily doesn’t bother me that much but it does make me curious. After I am pretty deep into my workout, a couple other people trickle in. Shortly after those regulars are pumping iron, I hit the treadmill. As I begin to run, a couple will walk in. Probably in their late 40s, both the man and woman are muscular and very fit. After they stretch out, the woman will come over and turn off the stereo.

But why?

Both individuals wear earbuds. This woman obviously notices that I don’t wear them and I am pretty sure at least one other person doesn’t as well. Don’t you think she would assume that since the music is playing and since we don’t have personal music devices that we are listening to it? Does she just really detest classic rock?

As a newcomer to the gym, I wonder if I am breaking some type of etiquette norm with this morning group. You don’t even have to be an observant person to notice the deliberateness of this lady marching up to the entrance after her stretching regimen and shutting off the stereo (which is right next to the treadmill I am running on).

Enough of my rambling. What are your thoughts? Why is she doing this? Why would the music bother her to the point of turning it off? The crazier theories the better 😂. Don’t Blink.

2 thoughts on “Stopping the Beat

  1. I can’t imagine working out to all the gym sounds and people breathing and gruntingaside from that it is rude and you should either say something or turn it back on! Since you’re at the end of your workout you could just say “hey, could you leave the music on please, I’m listening to it. I’m almost done though! ” maybe she’ll be fine with that. Or you’ll have to fight her man . . .

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