It’s A Snake!

On Friday night, Sloan ran into the house full of excitement.

“Can I pet the snake?!”

After she blurted out the question in a winded and enthusiastic tone, she managed to add a couple of sentences of context. Some neighbors had a snake in their yard and they wanted to make sure Sloan had permission to touch it. Sidney and I looked at each other.

“You go!” my wife commanded.

You bet I will, I thought. I was as excited to be around this snake as Sloan was.

These neighbors live right off the street that we do. Because there is a little bit of distance separating us, it was the first time I had met them. What a way for us to become acquainted! I only needed to take a couple steps off my property before I could already see the snake.

The reptile was wrapped around the neck of my neighbor, Justin. Sally—the snake—was much larger than I had imagined. Sloan’s cul-de-sac friends and Beau were all standing around Justin as he taught the children about Sally in a very age appropriate and animated way.

Justin introduces Sally to the neighbor children.

Justin’s wife, Allie, was standing by with hand sanitizer for the kids. Sally originally belonged solely to Allie! When her and Justin started dating and later married, Sally was part of the deal. Although a little hesitant of Sally at first, Justin has completely warmed up to her.

Despite the very controlled situation, Sid couldn’t bring herself to meet Sally. If there is one fear that is most prevalent in my wife’s life, it is the fear of snakes. She has a tough enough time if one comes on the TV or if a snake is depicted in one of the books I read to Sloan and Beau.

In South Carolina, wild snakes slither freely. Our house in Myrtle Beach backed up to some woods and it was a haven for snakes. It wasn’t uncommon that they would come into our backyard. Sidney, who enjoys doing yard work, delegated all the lawn maintenance to me while we lived there 😊

We all have things that make us squirm. Bugs bring about the same reaction in me as snakes do for Sid. But snakes? I think they are cool and it was a treat to meet Sally on Friday. Don’t Blink.

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