How To Appreciate Soda

For those of us who enjoy a soda from time to time, I think we take it for granted. Often, the soft drink will play second fiddle. For example, a soda is almost an afterthought when it comes with a fast food meal or we pour a glass to go with dinner. Even when we grab a can of soda to quench our thirst, I doubt many of us take a moment to say to ourselves, I am so lucky to be enjoying this flavorful beverage of carbonation and caffeine.

Sloan and Beau stand outside the entrance of Your Mom’s Soda Shop. This place helps you to genuinely enjoy a soda.

Last week, my family went to Your Mom’s Soda Shop in north Spokane. As you can imagine, it is a place that specializes in, as my parents call it, “pop.” When you approach the counter, a large and colorful menu greets you with endless combinations of creative soda concoctions. Just the options for a Mt. Dew-based drink will make your head spin.

This is the menu at Your Mom’s Soda Shop. Lots to choose from!

At Your Mom’s Soda Shop, the soft drink is the main event. You can order a pretzel or shaved ice if you please, but this is the place you frequent for that fulfilling burn that awakens the senses when a well-carbonated soft drink travels down your throat. This is where you get to truly appreciate the innovative and tasty beverage invention that is the soda.

Sloan and Beau with their sodas. They each got the Rocket Pop.

I looked past the Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and Mt. Dew-based drinks and turned my attention to the bottom of the menu where the root beer concoctions were listed. I went for the Butter Beer. It was Barq’s root beer with butterscotch and vanilla…and it was amazing. It was served in a Styrofoam cup with crushed pellet ice. I sat there and savored each sip as it seemed to refresh my soul. We actually visited Your Mom’s Soda Shop on Independence Day and I had to ask myself as I was enjoying my drink, Is there anything more American than this?

My Butter Beer drink came in this Styrofoam cup.

My children each ordered the Rocket Pop drink which was a special for the Fourth of July. It was Sprite-based with fruit flavoring, Pop Rocks, and a submerged cherry. Sidney wasn’t as passionate about a true soda experience like I was and asked for a shaved ice…oh well.

Sloan poses in front of the photo backdrop at Your Mom’s Soda Shop.

A trip to Your Mom’s Soda Shop for the soda lover is not unlike a trip to the brewery for the beer enthusiast. But instead of sipping on an IPA infused with citrus and pine notes in an industrial-but-sophisticated environment, you are enjoying a Dr. Pepper with pineapple, coconut, and peach puree in a quirky shop with a chalkboard and photo backdrop. Now that’s how you enjoy a pop!

Sidney and Sloan draw on the chalkboard at Your Mom’s Soda Shop.

The next time you drink a soda, take a moment to appreciate it. If you are having trouble doing that, perhaps finding a place like Your Mom’s Soda Shop would be a good idea. Don’t Blink.

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