Spokanite Thursday Rundown

Thank you for inviting me into your computer, phone, ipad, or other smart device. I am back with another Thursday Rundown so instead of fawning over the terrific weather, let’s get right to the five topics…

True Spokanites – This week marked the three-year anniversary of when Sidney, Sloan, and Beau arrived in Spokane. I greeted them at the airport and although it had only been two months it felt like two years. I posted this video of our happy reunion. I am so impressed by how everyone has adapted. We miss everyone so much in South Carolina but feel so fortunate that we found such a great home in Washington.

Sidney holds a sign my dad made for her and the kids upon their arrival in Spokane.

Bloomsday Quilt – Those people familiar with Bloomsday know that the finisher t-shirt is a huge deal. Kept under lock and key until the first person finishes, participants will guess and debate what color it will be. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vegas has odds on it. When Sloan and I went to the Bloomsday trade show on Friday so I could pick up my bib, there was a beautiful quilt hanging that was stitched with every Bloomsday t-shirt over the course of the race’s 46 iterations (47 now). It was a lot of fun to point out to Sloan all the Bloomsdays I had completed in my youth by pointing to its corresponding shirt on the quilt. A photo op was impossible to pass up (Read my Bloomsday blog post).

Sloan poses for a photo with the Bloomsday t-shirt quilt that was displayed at the Bloomsday Trade Show.

Inspiring Morning Drives – How do I know summer is almost here? When I now drive home from the gym, it is no longer pitch black. Instead, the sun is rising and beautiful landscapes are revealed. With endorphins still buzzing combined with the promise of a new day, these sunrises are the icing on the cake for some pretty powerful moments of solitude in my car.

There is something beautiful and calming about these Spokane sun rises that reveal industrial landscapes. This was the scene outside my windshield yesterday morning.

Power Rangers Throwback Thursday – This week I walked into the living room to see Beau watching a classic from my childhood. Sid had turned on the ORIGINAL Power Rangers series from the 1990s for him. I wasn’t as fanatic about the Power Rangers as my brother was, in fact, I made fun of the series to look cool, but it was still a big part from when I was a kid. My impression nearly 30 years later? I couldn’t believe how old, outdated, and low budget everything was! It truly was a blast from the past.

Beau chilling on the couch while watching Power Rangers.

Mother’s Day Challenge – It is Mother’s Day this Sunday and I would like to pose a challenge to you. Make sure to spoil your wife and your own mom but don’t stop there. On Sunday, reach out to five additional moms and wish them a happy Mother’s Day. It can be a co-worker, friend, teammate, acquaintance, or maybe just a stranger at the grocery store. But try to extend the “Mother’s Day cheer” to multiple moms who you wouldn’t usually celebrate. It won’t go unappreciated.

My mom, Sidney, and my sister pose for a photo during our 2022 Mother’s Day celebration.


That’s a wrap for tonight. I hope everyone is able to get outside this weekend and enjoy the glorious weather. Thanks for reading and godspeed. Don’t Blink.

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