The Ice Cream Fruit Roll Up Hack

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Well, we got sucked into another TikTok hack! This time we decided to experiment with the wildly popular ice cream Fruit Roll Up recipe.

Ice cream Fruit Roll Ups require just two ingredients. Can you guess what they are? 🙂

After watching countless videos of people creating the treat on TikTok, I was drawn to the unlikely pairing of ice cream and a Fruit Roll Up. I also couldn’t get enough of the “crunch” that is produced when you bite into it.

On Saturday, Sloan, Beau, and I went to our neighborhood grocery store for the minimal ingredients—a tub of ice cream and a box of Fruit Roll Ups! We arrived home and after letting the ice cream harden a bit in our freezer, we made the treat.

For just $8, you can have a fun afternoon of making ice cream fruit roll ups.

The first step is to unwrap a Fruit Roll Up. I guess I forgot over the past 25 years (since I last ate one) that it takes some patience to unfurl the snack into a perfect square. You then drop some ice cream right in the middle of the unfurled Roll Up. It is probably better to error on the side of a small amount of ice cream as opposed to a large amount of ice cream.

Place ice cream in the middle of your Fruit Roll Up. Don’t go overboard on the ice cream.

Now comes the most challenging part of the ice cream Fruit Roll Up hack. You need to fold the treat so that the Roll Up envelopes the ice cream. This is why it is important not to overstuff the Roll Up because otherwise you will have a messy deteriorating shell. If you watch enough of the TikTok videos you will see a variety of folding techniques but I used the method of folding each side of the Fruit Roll Up square to meet in the middle.

One of the ice cream Fruit Roll Ups that I made. The folding process requires some finesse.

Once your treat is folded you have two options: either eat it or freeze it. We did both but even if you don’t freeze it, the Fruit Roll Up will already be hardened and you will get that trademark “crunch” when you bite into it.

Sloan loved the ice cream Fruit Roll Up hack!

The only thing better than the “crunch” is the taste! I was skeptical about how an ice cream-filled Fruit Roll Up would taste but the fruitiness and lightness of the Roll Up is really brought out by the ice cream. The combination actually works! We used vanilla ice cream but a lot of people on TikTok use mango ice cream. I thought I would just take a bite to say I tried it but I ate most of it (until my kids took over).

I am an adult in my 30s but I still enjoyed an ice cream Fruit Roll Up.

This is an easy, inexpensive, and tasty hack. If you have kids and are looking for something to do, an ice cream Fruit Roll Up might be your best friend! Don’t Blink.

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