I Got Goosebumps Thursday Rundown

Go Cougs! Okay, I just had to get that out of the way. Did you see our women’s basketball team storm through the Pac-12 tournament as a #7 seed to take the title and punch a ticket to the Big Dance? It was incredible. Okay, five topics are coming right at you…

Fish Fry Season – Oh my goodness, I love fish fry season. During the Lenten season when Catholics abstain from meat, it is very common for parishes to stage fish fry community events. At St. Mary, my Knights of Columbus council puts on what might be the best fish fry in the Spokane Diocese. Last Friday, my parents, sister, and her children came with the four of us to the St. Mary school gym to partake. The cod was fresh, the baked potatoes on point, and the conversation exquisite. What a fun evening!

Sidney and my sister at the St. Mary Knights of Columbus fish fry on March 3.

Getting Goosebumps – A name from my childhood became relevant again this week. R.L. Stine was accused of changing some words and phrases in his “Goosebumps” series. It turned out it was Stine’s publisher, Scholastic, who did the altering in an effort to offer more inclusive language. I am not getting into this messy debate because that’s not the point of this topic. Rather, the point is to say that I loved the “Goosebumps” series as a kid. When I was done with those books I moved on to Stine’s “more mature” line of horror books for teens—“Fear Street.” I wonder what a trip it would be to open a Goosebumps book today and read the whole thing?

I loved reading the Goosebumps books as a kid.

Broadway Diner – For Christmas, my parents always give us kids and our families a gift card to a restaurant. However, each of us receives a different gift card based on our particular tastes. My brother was given a gift card to Outlaw BBQ and my sister’s family was given a gift card to China Dragon. Us? We got a gift card to a truck stop…and we couldn’t have been happier. The Broadway Diner is a hidden gem in Spokane that caters to truck drivers but is welcome to anyone. The portions are large, the food is greasy, and the menu diverse. Since moving to Spokane, it has become one of our favorite spots Over the weekend we redeemed our gift card and loved every bite. Thanks, mom and dad!

A look at our Broadway Diner experience from last Saturday. The chili cheese burger belonged to me 🙂

Katie Sandwina – I have an historical interest in the circus and those who performed in it. I recently learned about Katie Sandwina, a strongwoman for Barnum & Bailey. She would wrestle men on stage and perform massive feats of strength, such as lifting a 300-pound weight over her head. Katie didn’t stop performing in the circus until she was 60 years old. I am always fascinated by the grit, talent, and endurance many of these circus performers possessed—they performed seven days a week on brutal travel schedules in many times less than ideal conditions.

Katie Sandwina was a circus strongwoman who could outwrestle and outlift most men.

Coasters – You will find our home absent of coasters. I think we simply forgot to put them on our wedding registry. But even though I am not a coaster connoisseur, I can still find the below “Off the Mark” comic strip to be humorous.

This “Off The Mark” comic strip was enough to bring a faint smile to my face.


That will wrap things up for tonight. Take a moment right now to send a text message to someone you appreciate (it can even be your favorite blogger if you want 😊). Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Don’t Blink.

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