So Cliché

It has reached the point of being cliché, but I have a go-to whenever someone asks me to spell my last name…

“It is R-E-S-E-R. Reser. The same way forwards as it is backwards.”

For those who need it written out, here is my last name.

The person I am speaking to usually humors me by taking a moment to verify in their head what I told them is accurate. They will then say something to the effect of “That is so cool! What is that called again?…

…a palindrome, right?!?”



I usually try to offer props to the person not so much because they were able to reach back in the recesses of their brain to pull out an English device from high school, but because they put up with my tired act.

And today, you are victim of that tired act. However, I wasn’t trying to do it to be mean. Rather, today is National Backwards Day so how could I resist? I understand if you never read another blog post of mine again. Don’t Blink.

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