Beau Being Beau

Tomorrow, Beau will turn 2 ⅔ years old. Remember, you use specific ages like this up until they turn 3. As we celebrate this milestone, and so I can remember the cute quirks he had at this age for years to come, I have five quick current Beau-isms to share.

Tonight’s blog post is all about Beau and his eccentricities. This photo was taken this morning as he was enjoying his bowl of Trix.

Shut Eyes and Disappear. These days, if Beau is in trouble (and believe it or not, it happens), he has a predictable response. I will approach him and his little eyes will shut so hard. I am not talking his eyelids gently closing, I mean his eyeball sockets transforming into little slits. For some reason he thinks that “out of sight, out of mind” is going to work on me.

Hot Milk. Have we regressed? Beau’s current favorite drink is “hot milk.” He demands that we heat up his sippy cup of milk in the microwave. The worst part? If it isn’t heated to his desired temperature he will act like an outraged restaurant customer and send it back to the kitchen. He conveys this by throwing his sippy cup at us and yelling “MORE.” We give my mom a hard time that she started this trend by microwaving Beau’s milk when Sid and I were in Hawaii.

Tummy Time. For the past couple weeks, Beau has needed me to fall asleep. There was one evening when he was having a tough time falling asleep. I took him out to the living room, laid my back down on the couch, and let him rest on my chest. This was successful in calming him and now he asks for it nightly by saying “daddy’s tummy.” I will be out of town next week so Sid and I had to put our feet down. Last night we ignored his constant requests he made from his crib for “daddy’s tummy.”

Mr. Roboto. Beau loves robots. Anything on our 12 streaming services that features a robot he will watch. If he sees a robot toy or a depiction of a robot he will immediately gravitate toward it. He will even classify non-robots as robots. I have a Gold’s Gym shirt that features the classic logo of the silhouette bodybuilder holding a weight bar. Whenever I come home from the gym wearing it, he points and says, “ROBOT.” I wish I still had my 2-XL to give him.

He’s a sucker. Beau’s favorite candy is a Dum Dum. He will consume a half dozen in a sitting if we aren’t watching. The most peculiar thing? He doesn’t really suck them. Instead, he gnaws at them which makes fingers on a chalkboard sound more pleasant. Our ears, his teeth.


Well, if this blog post serves its intended purpose, hopefully Beau can look back on it when he is 16 ⅔ years old with a smile. I just wonder if he will still like Dum Dums? Don’t Blink.

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