Fair Themes

This past Friday night, as advertised in my latest Thursday Rundown, Sidney and I took Sloan and Beau to the Spokane County Interstate Fair. We had a really nice time enjoying the fair on a pleasant evening as the sky above us shifted from day to night. Here are five items from our experience…

Deep Fried WHAT? – I caved and purchased a slice of DEEP FRIED PIZZA. I definitely felt pretty guilty eating it, both from a caloric and price standpoint (it was $17), but both kids happily nibbled away on it too. I brought almost half of it home with me. The next day when I heated it up for lunch, Sloan commented, “Wow, daddy, it smells like the fair!” It still tasted like the fair too and was even better than when it was fresh out of the fryer.

This was my slice of deep fried pizza (from Azars) at the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

Night Rides – We let Sloan take flight on the swing ride. Is there anything more magical than hopping on an attraction that elevates you to a level that allows you to see the whole fair lit up at night? The ride went pretty fast so Sid and I were a little concerned that Sloan was scared out of her wits. Quite the opposite, actually. She had so much fun that she asked to ride it again.

Sloan rode the swings a couple times.

Magical Snow – We really enjoyed walking through the fair pavilion that housed countless booths and vendors. There was a good mix of adult-based and kid-focused exhibits that kept us all engaged. The magical snow, however, appealed to all four of us. It had the most satisfying texture and it was cold! Although it was extremely hard to pull Beau away from the table, it was worth the pleasant therapeutic sensation of handling it.

Beau wasn’t the only one in our family who found the magical snow completely satisfying.

Sideshows – I applaud the Spokane County Interstate Fair for the multiple free performances and shows that took place throughout the grounds while we were there. We watched parts of a magic show and a hypnotist show. Sid also caught part of a high dive exhibition. While waiting in line for ice cream, Beau and I were treated to a roving juggling act that performed right in front of us. Nothing like clean and free entertainment.

Beau enjoyed the jugglers who basically found us at the fair.

Bargain – Speaking of waiting in line for ice cream, there was a reason why we were standing in that particular line. Ice cream cones for just $3! At a fair where the starting price for many of the food items was $12.50, it was refreshing that there was a classic treat for a reasonable price. I bought a cone for both kids and they ate every bite.

You can’t beat $3 ice cream cones…at least at the fair.


To say the least, it was a successful night at the fair. Given I am now at heart attack risk after eating that deep fried pizza, I hope to be alive for next year’s 😂. Don’t Blink.

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