Baking Fail Thursday Rundown

Wake me up when September ends, okay? Ha, just kidding! I actually love September and I hate that Green Day song so you can be sure that I will be focused and engaged this entire month. I am also focused and engaged for this Thursday Rundown so let’s get started…

Baking Fail – On Tuesday night, I attempted to make two-ingredient candy (some call it honeycomb) with Sloan and Beau. You melt brown sugar and add a pinch of baking soda to make a caramel-type treat. I scorched it. Sidney then gave it her best shot and burned her version too. The resulting creation was something that tasted no better than what it actually looks like. I chronicled the epic fail in this TikTok.

This was the resulting product of our two-ingredient candy. It tasted no better than what it looks like.

Crop Mural – For the past several years, a crop mural has been designed on a hilly wheat field as you enter Pullman. It is always a special feeling to view it as you approach town. Yesterday on my weekly trip to Pullman, I braved holding up traffic to take a photo. This year’s design is Butch holding a WSU flag. I look forward to it every year and I thank the talented artists for creating it and BECU for sponsoring it.

I took this photo of the WSU crop mural on Wednesday morning as I headed into work.

College Football Legggooo – The college football season will begin in earnest this week and that is a good thing. Even if I don’t follow it as closely I used to and even though the institution of college football has changed dramatically, it still is my favorite sport to watch. So here’s to a great season and GO Cougs, Chanticleers, Grizzlies, and Fighting Irish!

My brother, dad, and I watched our first game inside Martin Stadium since 2004 last season. I hope to make a game this season as well.

Truth – Hey parents, raise your hand if you can relate. Sid and I commiserate about this all the time. It seems like the moment we sit down on the couch or at the dinner table, a request from a little person will come in. Thanks to my friend Lindsi for yet another fantastic and relatable meme.

So true!

World Letter Writing Day – When was the last time you sat down and wrote someone a handwritten letter? If it has been a long time, take today or this weekend to do it. Not only will it mean the world to the recipient you send it to, but it will be a rejuvenating exercise for yourself. I am serious. In honor of World Letter Writing Day, go out of your way to make someone else’s day special. I didn’t recommend a book of stamps as my gift of the year in 2021 for nothing.

Letter writing is something we have tried to instill in Sloan. This is her writing (or drawing) Santa a letter in 2020.


Wanted to give a quick shoutout to my sister-in-law who finished the Priest Lake Triathlon this past weekend. Looking ahead to this weekend, I hope everyone has a nice and safe Labor Day. Don’t Blink.

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