What Passes For a Waffle?

A couple days prior to leaving for vacation, our house naturally wasn’t stocked with a lot of food. Sidney, the resourceful cook the she is, was able to round up enough ingredients to make a new waffle recipe. They were really good and we even had some left over that we were able to freeze. Sadly, all the remaining waffles have now been devoured which is distressing because today is National Waffle Day. It would have been fitting to heat one up for breakfast.

A look at the waffles Sidney made for dinner on Aug. 9. Can you spot Beau?

The lack of a traditional waffle got me thinking: Does today just encompass the waffles you put syrup on? Or can I celebrate today by eating one of the following?…

You won’t find a more famous French fry than Chick-fil-A’s waffle fries. These spuds are legendary and epitomize what cravings are made of. Did you know that Spokane is getting a second Chick-fil-A restaurant?

Of all the fast food fries in the world, Chick-fil-A does it best with its waffle fries.

Then you have waffle cones. I can’t tell you what is better—the unmistakable smell of fresh waffle cones in an ice cream parlor OR the actual taste of one. If waffle cones “count” on National Waffle Day, I am heading to Baskin-Robbins right now.

A fresh waffle cone is one of life’s little delights.

What about Waffle Crisp? The discontinued cereal was recently revived and of course I bought a box. It brought back so many fond memories from morning’s at my grandma’s house.

I took this photo in June of the box of Waffle Crisp I bought.

Finally, you have Lay’s chicken & waffles flavored potato chips. Should this suffice for adequately celebrating National Waffle Day? I am going to say NO because the taste of those chips was so horrible that eating them was more of a punishment than anything resembling a celebration.

This is me in 2013 when I sampled all the flavors from the inaugural Lay’s #DoUsAFlavor potato chip promotion. The Chicken & Waffle flavor was awful.

So perhaps the best option for marking National Waffle Day is to just eat a traditional waffle. Man, I sure wish I lived by a Waffle House. Don’t Blink.

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