The Transitional Nature of August

August is interesting. I consider it a transitional month. The first part is devoted to remaining summer fun while the final part is reserved for getting back to business—whether that be returning to the classroom, shifting back to regular hours at work, or just preparing for the impending arrival of fall.

Last August, we spent a weekend in the middle of the month at a wedding in Walla Walla. It kind of marked the middle of the transition from lazy summer days to a more structured routine.

With transition comes emotion. For some it is excitement, for some anxiety—or perhaps a little bit of both. It can be exhilarating to begin a new school year or go back to a more structured routine. At the same time, for many it is tough to wave goodbye to the waning days of summer and the carefree vibe from the past couple months.

For a lengthy period of my life, August was more of the “back to business” equation of the transition. In high school, football practice would start in the middle of the month. Once I reached college, I would be summoned back to campus at the start of the month for my resident advisor gig. After I graduated, my first professional job was working in the University of Montana athletics department and we would always say that summer officially ended on July 31—any type of August transitional period be damned.

But at this current stage in my life, thankfully, August is more about “summer fun.” Sloan doesn’t start school until September and after devoting so many past Augusts to “getting back into the swing of things,” I have no problem embracing a more relaxed attitude.

This August especially will bring with it more summer memories than autumn memories for our family. More on that later.

It is my wish for you that, if it is your preference, you also get to enjoy a summer that extends through most of August. Have a wonderful month, everyone! Don’t Blink.

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