The Big Dog Thursday Rundown

Greetings! Thanks for returning for Don’t Blink’s greatest tradition…the Thursday Rundown. Alright, we have five topics lined up so let’s get after it…

Blue Bunny Ice Cream – We recently tried a couple different flavors of Blue Bunny ice cream. We purchased a container of super fudge brownie and a container of a crazy flavor called cookies, candies, and brownies. In my opinion, the ice cream itself isn’t anything special. But I do have to hand it to Blue Bunny when it comes to appearance. When you open a container the ice cream is molded in an elegant pattern with the sauce or topping (i.e. caramel, fudge, etc.) threaded around it. Sure makes it inviting to eat!

A look at the two Blue Bunny flavors we tried this weekend. It was a very inviting sight once we took the top off both containers.

Summer Poster Boy – This is what summer looks like, folks. Sidney took this photo of Beau earlier this week on a particularly hot afternoon. Just take a moment to gaze at its hilarity. Beau’s face screams heat exhaustion, his hair is wind swept, chalk covers the right part of his forehead, dirt is visible at the bottom of his nostrils and around his face, and his shirt is marked with Doritos dust and more chalk. The boy plays hard! Talk about a face only a mommy and daddy could love.

This is what summer looks like!

National Hot Dog Day – I will eat a hot dog any chance I get. Don’t believe me? Type “hot dog” into the search bar of this blog to view the countless times I have written about the culinary delight over the years. Despite so many hot dog memories to choose from, for this space I must commemorate the 10th anniversary of when I attempted to eat “The Big Dog.” In 2012, I went with my family to Northern Quest Casino to celebrate my mom’s birthday. My brother and I each ordered the aforementioned menu item, thinking it would be just enough to fill us up. What came out was a 22-inch gigantic dog smothered in chili and cheese with large mounds of fries on either side of it. The thing was so big that when the waitress brought it out I thought it was a joke. I struggled to finish half of it but I will never struggle to remember that night when I felt like I was on “Man Vs. Food.”

This is me with The Big Dog at Northern Quest Casino in Spokane during the summer of 2012.

Ball Player TBT – Every now and then I sneak a Throwback Thursday into the Thursday Rundown. Tonight you are lucky (I guess?). This photo shows a 6-year-old Brent suited up to play some t-ball for the Expos. My hat didn’t fit on my head and those blue sweatpants were pulled up Urkel style but I was living my best life. Funny thing is, almost 30 years later, I can still smell the leather of that first little kid glove I owned.

I was a proud member of the Expos t-ball team.

Sloan Joke – I don’t know where she learned it, but Sloan has repeatedly told a joke to anyone she has come across this week. With no solid fifth topic in mind, I decided I would share it.
Q. What do you call a cow with no legs?
A. Ground beef!

Sloan has been laughing about that joke all week long.


On that humorous note, it is time for me to bounce. Enjoy a safe, hot weekend. Never stop standing up for what you believe in. Don’t Blink.

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