Father’s Day 2022

This past Sunday, my family celebrated me for the sixth time since becoming a dad in 2017. Father’s Day is always special, especially when you are blessed enough to hold one of the best jobs ever created. Yep, out of everything that forms my identity, I am most proud to be a dad.

As usual, my wife and children spoiled me. I got to sleep in and after I took a shower they were waiting in the living room for me with gifts. My wife gave me new shoes (watch out Hoopfest!), my daughter made me a special glass (perfect for a cold one), and my son gave me my favorite candy (going to wait to indulge until after my dentist appointment on Friday).

Sid took this photo of Beau, Sloan, and I on Father’s Day morning.

We then headed off to 9 a.m. mass at St. Mary. Let me tell you, nothing makes you feel more like a dad than when you perform your fatherly duty and get your entire family to mass. It was the Feast of Corpus Christi and the ending procession stopped was beautiful.

This was the Father’s Day cup that Sloan designed for me. On the other side it reads “Cool Dad.” Can you spot a couple cuties in the background?

After mass we came home for a bit. Sid went to run errands and as Beau slept, Sloan and I played board games. It wasn’t lost on me that I was spending special time with the little person who first made me a dad.

As Sloan and I played board games on Sunday, it wasn’t lost on me that she made me a dad.

Once Sidney returned and Beau woke up, we headed out to my parents’ house for a Father’s Day celebration. My sister’s family and my brother and his wife were all in attendance. The sun came out and we had a terrific afternoon of playing basketball, eating steak, and visiting.

During our Father’s Day celebration, we made it a point to take a photo of my dad with his grandchildren. Dad, father-in-law, and papa….my father is a pro at all three!

Thanks be to God for allowing me to be a dad and for giving me such incredible children. I am truly blessed. Don’t Blink.

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